Forbidden Love

Lance has to find a way to see Kelly. There parents don't ever want them togther becuase....... well you'll just have to read to find out the rest. Don't waste time now read peope!


5. Is It True

Kelly P.O.V

                 I picked up the phone last minute, but he already hung up. I thought to myself,"Can it be true that I'm a werewolf?Or is it a lie? I need to find out, and quick." I ran down stairs to my mom and said,"Is it true mom? I really don't want it to be, Mom" she said,"Sweet heart,Its true but you might think its not. If you want to find out to make sure, then try the library or computer." I said,"okay, Mom." I went out the door to the bus stop,but Lance wasn't there.I waited until the bus came.He never showed up.I waited till histroy and he was there I asked him," Why werent you on the bus?" he looked at me and turned his head away.

Lance P.O.V

                   I stared blankly at the desk. Then I thought to myself,"Why did I turn,why didn't I talk to her. It could have been true." I said,"Kelly,I'm sorry that I didn't believe you it could be true." She turned and looked at me and smiled. She and I went to library next. She wanted to find books on myths like werewolfs. She found one called Sercerts beyond humans and wolfs. She read so fast I couldn't believe she was even reading.

Kelly P.O.V

                  I found only two facts and they didn't prove anything. I looked on the computer and found more that sorta proved it like that you will have good since of smell and hearing. I have good since of both. Now I sorta believe my mom. I told Lance he believed me but I'm still a bit confusied I'm still not sure if its true but we'll find out.

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