Forbidden Love

Lance has to find a way to see Kelly. There parents don't ever want them togther becuase....... well you'll just have to read to find out the rest. Don't waste time now read peope!


4. Hiding Something

Kelly P.O.V

                 I started walking home and I saw Lance with his head hanging low."LANCE!!!"I yelled but he didn't stop or turn arounf i ran up to him and he said,"It seems as if your hiding something from me."he said. I said," I don't know how to say this so call me tonight."I ran home.he called in about 5 minutes after I got home. I picked up and went in my room and said into the phone,"Lance i'm a werewolf well that what my mom said that if i went out with you i would end up eating you in my sleep."

Lance P.O.V

                   I said,"I don't believe you, i don't know why you keep telling lies." I hung up.thinks to self,"maybe I should have listened to her."I tried to call her back but she don't answer.

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