Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


3. Welcome to London



As the boys watched her leave. "wow Harry she really doesn't like you" Zayn said slightly laughing. "something wrong with that girl she is cute though" Harry said as they walked over to their seats. Ollie scrubbed some soap on her hands trying to get ride of the annoying smell of that Harry guy hands. When she went back to her seat she noticed Mackenzie was still sleeping she smiled and put a blanket over her.


Just as she was about to go to sleep she noticed to her right the five boys watching her. " why are you guys sitting there?" she whispered hoping not to wake up her best friend. "because we paid for these seats?" Harry replied with a smile. " whatever" she mumbled and plugged her music in her ears and closed her eyes. For a while things seemed more calm for Ollie until Mackenzie started shaking her.


" Ollie wake up wake up" she said. "what is it?" she murmured. " since when are you friends with Harry Styles?" she asked her as Ollie woke up rubbing her eyes and spotted Mackenzie staring at her as she held a note in her hand which also had two tickets hanging from it." what are you talking about I don't even like the guy you know that" Ollie said in her defense. " well  I don't care thank you he's inviting us to the one direction show tomorrow in London!!" she said all excited.


Ollie took the note out of her friends said to read it. " hello odd girl, I know you might not like us but why dont you give us a chance come to our show in London tomorrow. Harry styles" this guy really didn't know how to give up. She looked on her left and the boys were gone, maybe they got off at the previous stop.


"dear passengers were have arrived at London airport thank you for flying Air Canada and have a great day" the pilot said as everyone got off, the girls took their luggage and made their way to the exit Ollie's parents had rented a place for them during their stay in London.


The cab ride was great the girls were able to see how the city was people looks so pleasant and the weather was great. The cab stopped them at an apartment  located in downtown.


They walked into the apartment which looked amazing inside and peaceful a couple walking out greeted them on their  way out. "love this place" Mackenzie squealed and looked around they climbed up the stairs all the way to the fourth floor where they stopped at room 134. The room was amazing the walls were smoke grey and the furniture was all white. One of the rooms had the letter O on it and the other one had an M on it the girls looked at each other and smiled they quickly ran into their rooms to check them out.


 The room was amazing. At the end of the day after all the unpacking the girls sat down on the couch as Mackenzie stared at the letter that Harry wrote Ollie. " so how we're they?" she asked daydreaming. " I didn't pay attention but that Harry guy was really annoying " she said crossing her arms. " do you think well get to meet them afterwards?" she said all excited. " don't really care" she mumbled. " I hope so" she said happily. "yeah well it's getting late and we should head to bed" Ollie said.

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