Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


9. the studio




The gang was finally ready and got into the car heading to the studio where fans were standings outside with signs and pictures.


" oh look Niall someone wants to have your kids" Ollie said laughing he turned his head to the window and noticed a fan wearing a "I want to marry Niall shirt" he laughed a little. " i actually think id propose first" Mackenzie looked at him with a smile. " wow your amazing!" she told him. The boys and the two girls got out and headed towards the back door avoiding the fans. "this place is amazing!" Ollie said happily looking at the studio she walked over the instruments and picked up the drums and started to play. " you play the drums?" zayn asked her sitting next to her and trying to follow her rhythm.


" I actually play a couple of instruments Edward-- she stopped herself before she could finish that sentence and went back to playing the drums. " hey boys!" a men greeted them happily. " hey Zachary!" they said in union. " oh and who are these lovely girls?" he said turning his attention to Ollie and mackenzie who waved at him. " I'm Ollie and this is Mackenzie were actually friends of the boys" she said to him as he smiled, Zachary was  young handsome tall and dark and he a lovely smile.


" Zachary is our producer!" Liam said to the girls as he sat down next to them. " well then will you two be staying to hear the boys?" they both nodded as he gave them a smile. Just as the boys were getting prepared another man came into the studio along with a couple of guys. Ollie looked at her phone as Mackenzie poked her, she looked over to her friend who seemed to be staring in shock at something.


 " what's wrong Mackenzie? " she looked over towards where Mackenzie was looking and noticed a tall boy with curly hair and green eyes looking at her. "Edward?..." his band mates looked over to the girls and looked back to Edward? " Ed you know them?" he didn't reply and slowly  over them. " hey Mackenzie long time no see" he said with a smile and about to give her a hug when she walked back.


He smiled awkwardly and rubbed the back of his head he then noticed Ollie staring at him, at that moment his eyes grew wide open. "Olivia?" Edward smiled. The boys of one direction watch the scene while Harry started getting angry, he finally couldn't take anymore and rushed over there. " we need popcorn this is going to get very interesting!" Louis murmured as they watched Harry run over there, " why are you here?" Edward asked Ollie as she avoided his eyes. "she's here to see me!" both girls looked over to Harry confused. " and you are?...-- Harry placed his shoulder around Ollie's neck and smiled with pride. " I'm her boyfriend!".


Harry grinned when Ollie straightened up and went rigid. This was just too perfect Harry thought to himself he could makes her ex jealous and Ollie could be happy afterwards!! Ollie had covered Harry's  mouth with one hand and looped her other arm tightly around Harry's neck, effectively silencing him.

"Don't mind him, Edward . He can be a little crazy." Ollie grinned, a little uneasily.

Edward just stared at him, blinking in confusion.

"Mmph!" Harry  struggled against Ollie, and only succeeded in making him tighten his grip. "Uh, I think you're suffocating him." Edward  said, concerned.

Ollie shook her head. "Oh, don't worry about Harry . It'll take a lot more than this to- Yowch!" She leapt away from Harry , holding her hand. "Did you just bite me?" She asked incredulously. " we'll you suffocated me" he whispered. " we'll I'm glad you look happier these days" Edward said smiling at her. " I am" she replied with confidence. "well that's great so you guys are one direction? It's nice To meet you I'm Edward and these are my band mates! " he introduced them to his mates who were behind him greeting them with smiles. " hello" they all said union. " so how long are you staying in Europe?" Edward turned back to Ollie and seemed to be lost in his green eyes. " a couple of months until summer is over" he nodded and took a pause.


" hey about you come to our show tomorrow night I think you'd like it! " he said handing her some tickets she took them and smiled " great we will be there" Harry took one of the tickets and waved it in his face. " see you there" Edward and his mates left as Ollie slapped Harry's shoulder. " what was that about?" he looked at her with a childish look.


 " trying to help you! Your welcome" she stood quiet for a moment and turned bright red avoiding his look. "um.. thanks.." she mumbled under her breath as he smiled. " we'll isn't this a cute moment" Louis said while the others walked behind him. " but we need to get back to the recording" he added as Niall poked him. " your ruining their moment" Ollie cleared her throat and smiled.


" let's hear this new song" she and Mackenzie sat down as the boys prepared and the music started. The song was great Ollie even started singing along to it" you've got that one thing" Harry looked over to her and smiled why was this girl so great? He loved seeing her like this. After the recording Mackenzie ran over to Niall side complimenting him on his singing. " zayn your vocal skills are quite impressive so are yours Liam" Ollie said to them. " thanks! You should also give it a try! " she hesitated as he pulled her towards the mic as the music started she slowly started to sing while the boys sat watching her.


" wow she can really sing" Niall murmured as Mackenzie nodded. " yeah she always loved to sing" Harry watched her and felt lost in the moment his heart started racing, faster then ever. " so beautiful" he whispered as zayn agreed. " you've got that one thing" she ended looking over to everyone who stood up clapping. " you've really nailed it!" Niall said giving her a thumbs up. " thanks" she said turning red. It felt really nice to be singing again. " well how about we head back home and watch some movies?" Liam suggested as everyone agreed and went back. 

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