Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


10. the movie





The girls prepared a bowl of  popcorn while the boys brought out some movies. " what are we watching? " Mackenzie asked Niall with a smile as he took a popcorn and ate it. " paranormal activities" Mackenzie's eyes grew wide. " can't we watch a comedy ?" Niall put an arm around her shoulder . " don't worry if you get scared I'll comfort you" she smiled and nodded. " are you scared?" Harry said to Ollie who put the bowl of popcorn on the table. " not really I like horror movies" she took a seat on the couch as he say next to her and the others joined in.


" have you ever seen this one?" he asked her again. " well ive seen the first one but not the third one" she replied as zayn laughed. "you seem pretty good let's see if you can last through the whole movie!" the movie started and Niall and Mackenzie were already hiding in each others arm. Zayn wouldn't stop closing his eyes where the girl kept screaming. Liam was actually enjoying himself which was not expected.


As for Louis he was hiding behind zayn it was pretty funny since he didn't even bother watching the rest of the movie. " your not scared yet?" she whispered to Harry who shook his head. Ollie smiled and watched him focus on the movie clearly he was scared since he was biting his lower lip. At the end of the movie everyone stood quiet not sure what to say. " well that was fun" Ollie said stretching her legs. Louis laughed and placed his arm round her shoulder. " psh it wasn't even scary" the gang laughed and headed up stairs to sleep. Ollie couldn't sleep probably because of the reunion she had with her ex today. " can't sleep" Harry said walking in the hallway as she nodded and joined him.


" movie too scary?" she didn't really want to talk about her ex and went along what he was saying. " yeah." They decided to go for a walk around the block the two remained quiet until Ollie turned over to Harry.


" thanks alot of today, with Ed I don't think I'd be able to do it without you" before he could reply she pulled him into a hug, he wrapped his arms around her. " isn't that Harry?" someone whispered as they passed by. " who's that?" another girl asked. "I'm sorry" she said pulling away when he pulled her back in. " let's stay like this for a little longer" she nodded and hide her face on his chest as she heard his heartbeat go faster.


" your heart is beating so fast" she mumbled as he turned red. " I had an energy drink not too long ago I'm guessing it finally kicked in" she finally let go of him and sat down on the bench as he joined her. she watched him get lost in his thoughts when she realized she barely knew anything about him "can I ask you something?"                                          


 " go for it".  


"did you always want to be a singer?" he leaned back on the bench smiling. " I dreamt of it once but never thought id actually be one." She smiled and poked him. " sing me a song." she asked him as him looked a little taken back. " what?"  


" you heard me sing a song" he couldn't say no to her quickly cleared his throat and started to sing free falling by John Mayer, Ollie watched him close his eyes as he continued to sing the song. He really looked flawless when he sang, so much emotion compare to when Edward sang to her.


" that was really amazing" she said clapping her hands. " aren't you going to sing me something as well?" she pretended not to hear him and looked the opposite side." oh look theres an ice cream store wonder if there still open" she got up walked over as Harry followed her not looking where shes going she crossed the road " watch out" he pulled her into his arms as the car rushed by. " you alright?" she nodded thanking him, he brushed off the hair on her face staring into her gaze and leaned in. She really did want to kiss but it didn't feel right.


She wasn't ready to jump back into a relationship. What if she got hurt once again? Her mind was saying one thing but her body was saying something else. He kissed her it felt like one of those fairy tale kisses you know the ones where you see fireworks everywhere. It definitely felt right, she kissed him back closing her eyes. After that moment they finally pulled away. She couldn't  help but to blush furiously. " that was..-- he cut her off by grabbing her hand and holding it. " amazing?" she smiled and nodded. " do what do we do from here? What does this make of us?" she asked him as he bite his lower lip staring straight into her eyes.


" how about we try this out I really want to be with you Ollie I mean I fancied you from the moment i first laid eyes on you" the moment was quickly cut off when a couple of fans surrounded them, she slowly pulled away her hand and gave him some space while he took some pictures with a few fans. " we love one direction" the girls said in union while Harry thanked them for supporting one direction.


" thanks girls we really appreciate that!" one of the brunettes looked over to Ollie giving her a weird look. " are you guys friends or something?"  another girl looked over whispering something as they snickered, Ollie slowly started to feel uncomfortable until Harry pulled her over resting his arm around her neck. "she's the girl that makes me smile and that I'm crazy about! So why don't you girls try to be nice to her?" the girls apologized and made their way leaved  the couple alone once again.


 Ollie shyly smiled putting her hands in her pants. “ did you really mean that?”


" every word" he mumbled grabbing her by the waist and pulling her in for their second kiss.  

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