Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?




 It's been about two years since Oliva's parents had passes away, she was doing alright thanks to the support of her closes friend mackenzie who was there for her during her hard times. It was the night before her 18th birthday, Mackenzie was staying over for the night for a movie Marathon of all their favorite 80s movies when someone rang the doorbell. "I'll get it" Ollie said putting down the bowl of popcorn on the counter and making her way to the door. There stood the mailman with a package.


" miss Olivia jones?" she nodded he then handed her the small package and asked her to sign. "what's that? "Mackenzie asked her as she joined her to the kitchen where she opened the box. When looking who it was from Ollie stood there in shock, it was from her parents. There was a small letter in the box with an envelop.  Ollie took a deep breath and opened the letter. "dear Olivia, surprise happy 18th birthday our little baby is all grown up. We just wanted to say how proud we are of you for me to hardworking and just amazing. We wanted to make your 18th birthday very special which is why we booked you a plane ticket for tomorrow to London  just like you've always wanted."


Mackenzie hugged  Ollie. " woah your parents were truly amazing. "ps: Mackenzie we got one for you too." Ollie couldn't help but to tear up her parents were always there for her even now they are still keeping an eye on her. "we are going to have fun, which is probably what your parents would want us to be having"  Ollie whipped the tears away and smiled. " yeah."  Mackenzie grabbed Ollie's hand.


 "oh my god I get a chance to see the greatest British boy band one direction" Ollie rolled her eyes, here we go! Mackenzie was crazy about this boy band called one direction. Ever since she had watched them on the xfactor it day one direction all day long. Ollie wasn't a fan of the music at all, she really didn't mind the members expect Harry who she thought was very arrogant and full of himself. Ollie use to like boy bands before too but until she actually went out with the leader of one who broke her heart and left her in tears, her ex looked a lot like Harry which made her hate him even more " Niall I'm going to see Niall" Mackenzie squealed and started to do a happy dance in the middle of the Living room, Ollie rolled her eyes and sat down on the couch watching her friend go crazy.


 " how do you think we will see them I mean it's not like you know where they are right now?" Mackenzie smiled and pulled out her cellphone "I actually do I have a tracker updater which tells where the boys are and what their doing" Ollie looked at her friends" isn't this illegal?" Mackenzie giggled and put  her  phone away. "not really I'm the president of their fan-club" Ollie sighed and decided to head to sleep since they would have to get ready for their trip tomorrow. 

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