Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?






The next morning the girls had woken up pretty early to get their bags ready. There was only an hour left before their plane took off, Ollie quickly took a shower and put on a pair of her favorite jeans shorts along with her white tank , she then tied her hair up in a messy bun leaving her bangs fall on her forehead. Mackenzie decided to wear her ripped shorts with a blue vneck. The girls rushed down stairs to grab a cab to the airport.


 "can't believe that in a couple of hours we are going to be in the UK this is so exciting your parents are great" Ollie smiled and nodded. " yea they are" the girls had made in time and were now sitting in the plane first class seat sipping on some green tea mackenzie played with tablet while Ollie kept re reading the letter her parents had written to her.


 She missed them so much. She then noticed that the letter had another paper behind it. It was from her mother. "Honey, I do hope you can find a nice person who can make you happy i think any guy would be lucky to be with a girl like you that ex of yours was an idiot" she couldn't help but to laugh, her mother always did want what was best for her.  After an hour the plane was landing, Ollie looked out the window and noticed they were in the US. She then called a flight attendant to ask her why they had landed. "we just needed to do quick stop for some important people who seem to have missed their plane" Ollie looked over her Shoulder to see Mackenzie listening to her boy band on her mp3 as she slept probably because she hadn't had so much sleep.


Ollie got up making her way to the bathroom when someone bumped into making her fall on the ground. "I'm sorry" the stranger said with a strong  british accent. She looked up to see five guys wearing odd outfits like if they were trying to hide their identity or something and one of them leaning down on her giving her a hand. This boy seemed so familiar but she couldn't put a finger on where she had seen him before. "I'm fine I don't need your help" she said slapping his hand away. "just watch where your going next time"  she told him getting off the floor.


All of a sudden it clicked these boys were none other then one direction. And the boy trying to give her a hand was the curly headed one who she couldn't stand. " Arent you guys that.." before she could finish the same guy who tried to help her out put his hand on her mouth. " look we'll take pictures and give you an autograph please don't talk so loud." he whispered. She quickly pushed his hand off.  " what is wrong with you? That hand could have been anywhere don't touch me and I'm not a fan so don't worry I don't plan to start yelling or squealing over you. And I really don't like you" she said in an annoyed tone. "you don't like me? but everyone likes me ?" he said with a shocked look. " is that so hard to believe, now if you'll excuse me im going to  go to the bathroom" she made her way towards the bathroom.

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