Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?









 The next day the girls woke up and realized there was no food in the refrigerator, Ollie then decided to head to the breakfast shop across the shop to get some bagels. She wore her pj short with a smoke grey  jumper. Once across the street she walked into the shop which seemed to be empty. As she looked at the bagels she heard someone call out she looked up and took off her headphones. There stood a really handsome brown headed boy with blue eyes smiling at her.


" can I get you anything" she then smiled and pointed at the bagels. " can I get three plain bagels with cream cheese and vanilla latte with whip cream along with a dark coffee with extra sugar" the boy headed to the counter to get her order. " your not from here are you" he said as she shook her head.


"I'm from Canada on a trip right now with a friend" he handed her the bag.  "how's the trip so far?" she ran her fingers in her hair and smiled. "we just got here yesterday haven't seen much yet" she explained to him. She as he was about to say something else she noticed a picture hanging behind him there was one direction member Harry smiling making bagels. " why is that kid everywhere" she mumbled as the boy looked behind him and saw her looking at the picture " you mean Harry he works here from Time to time your a fan?".


" not really don't really enjoy them" she told him as he nodded. " he's actually a nice lad, I'm Noah" he said greeting her. "Olivia but call me Ollie please to meet you, any who better get going or else my friend will starve to death" he laughed and waved goodbye as she headed out the store.  On her way to the apartment she spotted Mackenzie  trying some clothes on. "got some bagels" she showed her the bag as Mackenzie walked over and handed her one. "their was actually a really cute guy working there" Mackenzie smiled and took a piece of her bagel.


" should have asked him out or something " Ollie threw a pillow on her face and laughed. " whatever" after getting ready the girls went downtown for some shopping and sightseeing everything was just amazing. " man wish we could live here forever this city is beautiful" Ollie said.


It was already five oclock and the girls had to head back home and get ready for the show which Ollie wasn't excited about. " do we really have to go I mean Mackenzie its really not worth it" Mackenzie ignored her and put on a white vneck and a pair of jeans short with her red toms, Ollie put on her jeans and a Harry potter shirt along with her grey toms.



The girls took a cab to the stadium as Mackenzie was speechless. Ollie looked at her and laughed she couldn't help but to love seeing her friend get all excited. Once inside Ollie saw thousand of screaming fans with poster jumping up and down of excitement. The girls looked around for the seats which was in the VIP section. " omg were so close to the stage." as they made their way to their seats Ollie noticed that's the girls next to them weren't to pleased. " eh this is the VIP what are you guys doing here its for club members only " great a snobbie British fan, Ollie rolled her eyes and took her seat. " eh I'm talking to you " the blond preppy freak said. " look we got invited here and got VIP tickets so cut the crap" the girl stood there glaring. " oh and I am the president of the Canadian club so I do belong here" the girls bursted in laughter


" oh your Mackenzie the loser president who writes those one direction fanfictions?" Mackenzie sat down  and avoid eye contact. Ollie then stood up and dropped her coke all over the girl " oops I'm so clumsy oh and next time don't insult my friends "  Mackenzie smiled and mumbled thank you as Ollie smiled back.


 The blond girl cried as she ran into the bathroom along with her mini me’s. The show finally started as the boys came out the crowd went wild the first hour they performed some of the song on their first album which everyone enjoyed fans were singing along and so was Mackenzie, Ollie seemed quite impressed with the love that the fans had for these boys. Ollie was actually enjoying herself when all of a sudden.


" Ollie" Harry styles said on the mic as he looked on the first row he winked at her as she stood there in shock. " how about you join us for this next song" he asked her as she quickly refused. " come guys give her a round of applause" everyone clapped as Harry went down near Ollie as pulled out his hand, she refused to give him her hand as Mackenzie took it and put it in his hand. " Mackenzie.." she waved at her to go with a big smile. Ollie bite her lip went as she felt defeated, Harry smiled and pulled on stage as the crowd clapped and cheered her on.


The VIP girls cried of envy " so not fair that should be me" the snobby British fan girl said  Ollie stick her tongue at her. "  this song is called One Thing" the boys started to serenade Ollie while she sat on her chair listening to the song, which wasn't so bad but she couldn't stop  looking at  Harry with his so perfect hair, trendy clothes and amazing smile. She shook her head trying to get ride of these horrible ideas. Niall and Liam did a small dance while they sang. While Zayn tried to get into the music. Louis and Harry waved around to the group to sing along. " you got that one thing" they sang. Harry then walked over to Ollie and whispered into the mic. " you got that..one thing" he ended the song with a wink.

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