Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


8. pool





 During the whole ride the two didn't say a word, Ollie parked into the drive way and rushed to the doorstep as Harry walked behind her. "mackenzie?" she shouted for her friend who was sitting in the living playing cards with Niall while the other boys played video games. " hey Ollie" Mackenzie greeted smiling , Niall waved as mackenzie did hand gestures behind his head, Ollie looked at her and decodes the signs " he is just so amazing" she said smiling, Ollie was really happy that her friend not only got to meet her idol but they also became quite close to each other.


 " we should get going back home" Ollie told her. Louis gasped and dropped his video game remote on the couch. " come don't leave yet we never get company these days it's boring being here just the five of us"  Harry was going to let her leave so easily. " you guys can stay here during your trip and we can show you around" he instead as the others agreed with him. " I don't think that's a good idea we don't want to butt in I mean aren't you busy with your shows and albums" zayn leaned back in his seat and smiled. " come on you guys can come see us record some new songs" Mackenzie squealed of excitement.


 " Ollie lets say I mean we can stay in their house and this  place is amazing plus there's a pool outside" Ollie sighed in defeat and decided to do this for her friend. " fine but we need to get our stuff" Niall stood up and grabbed Mackenzie's hand. " we can go and get your stuff" before she could say anything else they both ran off to the car. " we'll look at that our little Niall is in love" Liam said laughing zayn then killed liam in his game as Liam stood up furiously " no fair I got distracted" zayn laughed evilly and put his feet on the table." you lost Payne now get me my sandwich." liam sighed and went to the kitchen. " Ollie wanna go to the pool with me?" Louis as her with a smile as she smiled back.


" I would but I have no swim suit" Louis then took her hand and brought her to the guest room where there were girl clothes everywhere. " eh why do you guys have so many girl clothes?" he ignored her and handed her a couple of bathing suits. harry walked in and sat on the bed. " we have a lot of close friends who come by and so they like to leave some of their stuff here for the next time they visit" Ollie looked through the color swimsuit and looked at Louis who gave her a thumbs up.


"go try one on" he pushed her into the bathroom

As the two other changed into their swimsuits and made their way to the pool. Ollie decided to put  a one dark purple one piece open in the back and on the sides. She then joined the boys who were playing in the pool, Harry looked at Ollie and couldn't seem to take his eyes off her.


She was extremely good looking.  " that really suits you" Louis said pointing at the swim suits, Harry stood there watching her every move was he in love? He couldn't believe it he shook it head trying to get the idea out of his head. Ollie got into the pool and played polo with Louis as Harry joined in Ollie could feel the awkwardness between them and grabbed his hand under water pulling him in a corner while Louis was distracted by his cellphone. "I really don't like this awkwardness between us I mean I really like if we just remained friends you know?" he felt like he was stabbed with a knife and smiled showing her he was fine. " of course" he said splashing some water on her as she did the same. The two splashed around until Ollie wrist bracelet got stuck in Harry's hair.


"ouch" he said try to pull away but couldn't seem to get out of it." don't move" he leans near the deck as she in closer to have a look at the knot. Her body was now on Harry he stared at her as she tried to get her bracelet as. " got it" she said smiling he then touched her right shoulder. " you have a beauty mark shaped as a heart" she smiled and got out of the pool. " it's cute" he added with a smile. She poked his cheeks and laughed. "now I see why girls always fall for you! You have a killer smile! It's a like some sort of weapon!" she said to him as his cheeks grew a little red.  " um...I'm going to go change since we have to head to the studio soon!" she nodded and headed back inside with him. 

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