Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


7. Meeting his family



the two finally made it back to the small pretty house. " who are we visiting?" she asked him as he got out of the car. "my mom she sick so I thought I'd bring her some bagel" he took out his house key and walked in Ollie followed behind him looking around in the house which was  nice. " oh Harry your here"  tall man said greeted him as he took his shoes off.


" hey robin just brought moms some bagels" he showed him the bag, robin noticed Ollie who seemed to be struggling taking her shoe off. " who's this pretty girl?" he said as Ollie smiled " I'm Ollie pleasure to meet you sir you have a lovely home" robin seemed quite impressed by her. " she's a keeper are you Canadian by any chance your accent is lovely" Harry grabbed her hand and brought her up the stairs " nice meeting you" she yelled as she went upstairs.


" I think I should stay here " he looked at her then realized he was still holding her hand. " sorry actually if you want you can wait in this room" he rushed off with his brown bag leaving her in an unknown room which was filled with pictures books, a soccer ball on the floor. She noticed it was Harry's room.


There were pictures of him and Robbie along with this girl just at that moment someone comes in. " who are you? Please don't tell me your not one of those fan girls again" it was the pretty girl from the pictures. " hi I'm ollie I know your brother actually gave him a Lift here" she shook her head and took out her cellphone. " a foreign fan look I'm going to call the cops if you don't leave right now" as she dialed someone took her phone away. "Gemma what are you doing she with me" Harry gasped as Gemma apologized.


" sorry it's been so hectic lately we've been getting girls trying to get in, and I'm really annoyed" Ollie smiled and sat down. " it's fine i would have probably reacted the same way, are you two siblings? " she asked as Gemma grabbed Harry and hugged him. " yeah his sister are you his new girlfriend?" she asked Ollie stood up and shook her hands. "never we actually just started getting to know each other" Harry felt a little hurt by the fact that she thought they could never go out with each other.


 " well I really like you ! You seem so much fun we should hang out sometime I can show amazing place to shop" Ollie nodded as they talked and laughed Anne Harry's mother walked over to the room. " oh you didn't tell me you had a guest" she told Harry as he stood by Ollie's side. " mom this Is Ollie she's a friend" Ollie greeted Harry's mother who seemed to have a small cough. " you should try having some lemon tea with honey" Anne thanked her for her concern before she could say another word Ollie walked down asking Robbie where the kitchen was he pointed the direct as she walked into the kitchen  and took out a  cup of tea put in some lemon and honey and went back up handing it to Anne who seemed grateful.


 " oh dear you didn't need to do that"  Anne smiled and took a sip of her drink. " delicious" she said with a smile. Ollie couldn't help but to smile back at her she left like it was her own mother speaking to her. Anne pulled Ollie on a seat showing her their family picture and Harry's embarrassing picture like when he was wearing his mothers bra. " this is just so cute" she said going through the pages with Anne and Gemma.



" well we should get going the gang is waiting for us" Harry said as he grabbed Ollie's hand, she said her goodbye to the Styles family and made her way to the car. She took the wheel ad started the engine. " your family is so cute I really like them" he smiled. " they are quite amazing how's your family" before he could say anything else he remember what Mackenzie said the night of the concert.


 " I'm so sorry I didn't mean to say that-- she got quite and smile. " that's fine my parents were amazing so full of life and just so sweet, we were more like friends then family. I told them everything. Then one night on their way to a diner party their car got hit by a truck on the high way..." her voice got stuck and she wasn't able to say another word Harry took her into his arm as she cried her heart out. She cleaned her tears up and took back her seat. " sorry " he moved his hand to her face wiped a tear on her cheek and with that slowly moved his face closer to her face he then placed his lips on the top of her forehead making one last eye contact . " if you ever want to talk let me know" she cleared her throat and took the wheel and drove back to Harry's place.

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