Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


6. Friends?





Ollie woke up in an unfamiliar place, this wasnt her bed? She looked under the sheets to see if she still had her clothes, "omg!" she was in her boxer underwear and a dark navy jumper. At that moment she noticed a familiar curly headed boy walk into the room. "Mornin--" before he could say anything else she got out of bed and threw him a pillow in the face. " why am I here?" Harry was about to answer her when he stood there speechless staring at her legs.


She realized she dropped her blanket when she got up. " DON'T LOOK CLOSE YOUR EYES" she quickly looked around and put on some boy shorts on. " my pants suit you well" he said with a smile. " don't talk.."  he then stopped and stared at her. " argh just tell me why I'm here why do my head hurt so much" he walked over her and made her sit down.


" you got really drunk yesterday so Mackenzie tried bringing you home but you refused and wanted to stay with me so I brought you back home and sleep on my bed. If you want to talk to mackenzie she's downstairs with the boys" she ran her fingers in her hair trying to remember what happened but can recall anything.


" you didn't sleep in this bed did you?" he shook his head and she felt relieved. " but you wanted me to" he said with a wink. She got off the bed and went downstairs to find Mackenzie laughing in the kitchen. "Louis your jokes are quite lame but very entertaining"  Louis ruffled her hair and noticed Ollie leaning on the kitchen wall.


" Ollie morning" Mackenzie turned around and smiled handing her coffee. " morning sleepyhead, you had quite a night last night" she drank her coffee and sat down then remembered something she didn't want to remember. "Edward I called Harry Edward? This is so embarrassing why would I do that?" she then noticed Harry coming down talking on the phone. " mom don't get up I'll get you some breakfast yeah the show was great talk to you soon love you" he hung up and looked at Louis.


" can you give me a lift to the bakery store?" before Louis could said another word. " I'll give him a lift" Ollie said taking the keys which were on the counter. Mackenzie raised her eyebrow. " but you don't even know how to get there ollie" she pointed at Harry." he'll guide me" Harry looked at the boys in confusing and followed her out to the car. " eh thanks for the lift" he said as she started the engine.


" your welcome" during the drive they both sat there quietly as Harry guided her. " turn left at the next intersection"  Ollie then parked the car in a corner. " why did you stop?" " look I'm sorry for being rude to you it's just you remind of someone and it's so hard for me to let anyone get close to me. " Harry sat there listening to her. " I just want us to start over as friends" she smiled as he smiled back nodding.


 " sounds good, now how about we get those bagels?" they finally made it the bagel shop where Noah was once again and this time holding a brown bag full of bagels.


 " Ollie I thought I'd see you again" she bite her lower lip and smiled. " hey" Harry watched the two act flirty which didn't please him so much. And we wasn't to sure why. " so how about I take you out tomorrow there's this great pub you might like" she took the bag. " let me get back to you on that" Noah  said his goodbye as the two made their way back to the car. " is Noah always that friendly?" Ollie asked him smiling. " well he can be a twat when he wants to. You know you look cute when you smile" her cheeks grew bright red as tried not to smile.


Harry turned on the radio and WMYB played out of the blue Ollie starts to sing along without realizing Harry was watching. "baby light up my world like nobody else" he couldn't stop laughing as she flip her hair and smiled  at him. He then joins in. " that's what makes you beautiful" singing at the top of his lungs.  Ollie couldn't stop laughing . "your seriously the silliest person I've ever met" he smiles and pokes her playfully. " I prefer the term unique thank you very much" 

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