Ollie & Mackenzie's Summer with One Direction

Ollie and Mackenzie fly out to the Uk for the summer when they encounter One direction how will things turn out?


5. Backstage



 the show finally came to an end as ollie walked backstage to the exit when she heard her name when she turned around Louis was there waving at her." did you like the show?" he asked her as she smiled. "it was alright thanks for the tickets my friend was very thrilled"  he laughed.


" your welcome where are you going don't you want to hang out with us?" he asked her as she smirked.  "I'm not really a groupie prefer going home to my bed I'm a little worn out" without another word Louis grabbed her hand and took her down the hallway towards this room which had the one direction sign on it.


"but I need to go find my friend" she tried to get out of his grip but he didn't stop, after he opened the door there was Mackenzie sitting in a chair near the snack bowl. "Mackenzie there you are" she  joined  her friend who seemed quieter than a mouse. At that moment the rest of the 1d members came into the room the boys greeted them but Mackenzie didn't say a word. " are you okay" Ollie asked worriedly.


" what if Niall thinks im weird?" she whispered as Ollie smiled." hey Niall this is Mackenzie she one of your biggest fans she also has two blogs dedicated to your bands and writes her own fan fictions like that one called "shinning like a star"  he smiled and walked over to her and looked like he was about to give her a hand shake but gave her a hug.


" I saw your blogs and read all of your stories they are amazing I really enjoy "the fame" a lot" Mackenzie blushed and thanked him the two talked for hours as Ollie snacked on some chips while playing games on her cellphone "you should use your left key more" Liam said to her looking at her  game. " thank but I'm sure I can win this" she said and with that won the game. " impressive" he said give her a hand clap.


"so how was our show did you enjoy it" she nodded. " it was nice but you guys should be careful around you fanclub girls they are total freaks" zayn started laughing so hard he fell of his chair which made Ollie and Louis crack up. "that was funny" she said as Louis agreed.


Just then Ollie noticed a turtle sitting in it aquarium on the table she walk around the tank and took him out. "his name is Raphael" she turned around to see Harry standing behind her. "he's my pet turtle do you like turtles?" she slowly placed him back into his cage. And turned her attention to him. She tried to avoid his beautiful eyes.


" how'd you know my name don't recall giving it to you." he smiled and took a seat near the table. " well you know bagel shop I  use to work there but from time to time I like to get my bagels there and also see my friends , noah is one of my closest friends there and this morning I happen to be there when you got your bagel and also introduced yourself to Noah which is how I know your name" she crossed her arms and stared at him carefully. " wasn't it fun though  being serenade to like that?" he said bumping his arm on hers?" she rolled her eyes and went to grab a cup of water which was on the counter.


" look I don't like you, just because you are so full of yourself which I can't stand. Just because you look handsome and think you can make any girl fall for you with that look of yours doesn't mean I will" she told him taking a sip of the drink. " don't drink that" Harry said trying to stop her but she drank it all in one shot.


That wasn't really water but a cup of white wine that their manager was drinking. Ollie wasn't too good with alcohol  after that cup she was already drunk. " you...." she said pointing at Harry and seemed worried. " your...odd" with that she lost her balance and feel into Harry's arms. "what's wrong with her" Mackenzie asked rushing over along with Niall. " she had some wine" he said as Mackenzie smiled.


" Ollie isn't good with alcohol and also like to said things that are on her mind when she is drunk, I think I better get her home" Mackenzie tried to pick her up but Ollie refused to budge. " i don't want to leave" she mumbled and buried her face into Harry's chest which caught him off  guard his cheeks slowly turned pink but no one really noticed. " I want to stay with Edward" Niall poked Mackenzie's shoulder she looked at him " who's Edward?" Mackenzie looked a little sad and took a deep breath sitting on a chair as the boys stared at her. " it doesn't look like a happy story" Liam said as Mackenzie nodded.


 "you see Edward is Ollie's ex boyfriend they were going out for three years and she really thought he was the one. But I never really liked him there was always something weird about him. He was a growing singer along with his band mates you must have heard of the Little Moments" the boys nodded. " I love them they are amazing, Edward is a brilliant singer" Harry said as the boys agreed with him." a couple weeks before her parents accident he was never around and so one day Ollie went to his place and found him with another girl in bed, she watched him preform eveytime he appeared on tv, Harry don't take the hard way but she doesn't hate you.

You just look like him a lot and it makes it really harder on her" harry  watched her sleep in his arms as Niall got angry and slammed his water bottle on the table.


" if I had a girlfriend I would never hurt her like that! How horrible"  Ollie started crying in her sleep as Harry softly whipped her tears away. She then slowly woke up but her vision was slightly blurring." Edward don't leave me please" Harry smiled and placed his hand on her cheek. " i wouldn't leave you ever" 

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