Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


3. These Things


   I got about five feet when I heard Niall say something making me turn.

   "Please? I want to get to know you." He said with a smile. I can't say no to his Irishness. I sigh and give in. Harry tries to put an arm around my shoulder but I shake him off. We all hop into the van. 


   "This is Paul." Liam said sitting up front. I sit between Harry and Niall. Liam flipped on the Radio. 


    "And for all you Directioners out there you have waited, but you wait no more here is 'Little Things'!" The radio started playing a song. All the boys smiled and looked at each other. I was confused. Harry saw my confusion and smiled. 


    "Whats wrong love? Don't like our new song?" He said to me. I looked around and all the boys where looking at me. Wait, they are One DIrection? How did I not know this? I suddenly got very nervous. 

    "Wait. You're One Direction?" I say, I never was a fan but everyone talks about them at school. I over heard River Lakin talking about the new song with the 'Preps'. 

    "Yes, you didn't know that?" Louis said surprised. 

    "No, I knew I was just making sure you knew." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

    " We have a new sass master!" Liam said before looking back out the windshield . 

    "What?! No, just no." Louis said crossing his arms.

    "And the Sass master from Dancaster is back." Zayn said with a smirk. I sigh and cross my arms. I am not sassy.

    " Have fun with that." I say and look out windshield. Liam looks back at me and looks confused. We get to a Burger King and all get out. Liam goes and orders us food, while we all go and sit down. Harry tried to put his arm around me again put i pulled it off. 

    "I don't get you." He sighed. We ate and the boys told me their story about the xFactor and their different stories. Where they come from, all the things they have been through, and what its like to be stalked by millions of girls. 

    "What about you Ronnie? Whats your story?" Niall said reaching for one of my fries I haven't touched. 

   "Well, I don't really know what to say." I just didn't want to tell them. My parents kicked me out, I have no place to live now that Drake kicked me out and I am bullied at school, or the fact that I won't let people touch me because I was abused as a kid.

   "Whats your family like?" Liam said. I didn't really want to answer that.

   "Well, I guess they are okay?" I say. They don't need to know everything. 

   "Do you have any sisters?" Niall asks still eating my food. Liam glared at him. He slowly put the fry down.

   "You can have them Niall." I tell him handing him the fries. He smiles at me.

    "Ronnie, where do i need to drop you off?" Paul said to me. We all look at him then the boys all look at me.

   "You can just drop me off at the beach." I say. They all look at me like I'm stupid. 

   "Very funny. You know how many druggies are out there?" Liam said. I laugh a little. I knew Drake was one.

   "Ronnie, where do you live?" Harry asked me. I sigh. Lets just get this over with.

   "I use to live with my boyfriend but he kicked me out and that was why he was fighting with me on the beach." I say really fast. They all stare at me. 

   "Well boys, looks like we have a new room mate." Louis said.

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