Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


5. Secrets


I wake up in the morning and it takes me a minute to remember where I was. I look at the clock. School started in less than an hour. I sigh and roll out of bed. I decide to go ask Harry if he had any clean cloths I could barrow. I open the door and find a bag with a note. 

The note said-


I figured you might want some clean cloths for school. They aren't the best but it will work. Niall is letting you barrow a snap back. Don't hurt it he says its one of his favorites. We will pick you up from school at 3:50. Paul will drive you at 8:15

    - The Harry Edward Styles "

I laughed a little bit. I changed into the cloths he gave me. Black shorts, a white tee, and a purple Jack Wills jacket. I put on the snapback. I run out of my room to the elevator. When I get down there I see more fans then yesterday. I step back a little. I feel a hand on my back and see Paul there.

   "Lets go." He says pushing me forward. The crowd of girls, with a boy here and there, swarms around us. Questions being fired like crazy. I try not to freak out. When we get to the van I sigh in relief. That could have gone better. The drive was fast. Paul even stopped at McDonalds for me, witch was really nice of him. 

  The school day went by fast. After my last class of the day I am walking to my locker. I walk right past River. She is talking to her friend.

   "And Lewis!! Oh my dreamy!" She said proceeding to say their names wrong. That stops me. I turn and now that I think about I am not sure why I did this. I turn and look her dead in the eyes. I could feel my blue eyes turn colder.

   "It's Louie. Not Louis. If you are a real fan you would know that." I said. She snorted.

    "At least I don't by a snapback that looks like the one Niall wears."She said showing me a picture on her phone. I wish I would have never said what I did next.

    "Its not a look alike. Its the real one." I say. Her eyes widen then she laughs in my face. 

    "Prove it." She said. I dig the note out of my pocket. I hold it up to her but I don't let her hold it. Her eyes widen when she sees Harry's signature.

    "Suck it." I say with a smirk. I fold it back up and stick it in my pocket. I pull Niall's hat down past my eyes and make my way to the parking lot. I can feel her tracking me down. 

   I get out side and see the van. I sigh in relief. Thats when  I feel her hand grip my arm and fling me around.

   "Give me the hat." She says. She reaches for it. I step back. I see someone get out of the van. In the corner of my eye I see its Harry. 

   "Harry to the rescue, huh?" She says. Her eyes turn dark.

   "Does he know your secret?"She says grabbing my wrists. I try and pull back.

   "What are you doing?" Harry says coming up. 

    "I Harry." River says in her fake voice.

    "Hello, love. Can you please let Ronnie go?" He asks he nicely.

   "Sure, but I want to show you something." She smiles she takes one of my wrists and holds it out before pulling up my sweatshirt sleeves and ripping most of my bracelets off. I finally pull back. Its too late though, Harry and half the school saw my scares. I pull down the sleeves and pull my hat down to cover my eyes as I feel tears burning. I turn and run the other way. That is all I am good at. Running.

 I hear Harry yell my name. Then i hear the rest of the boys. I don't stop. I just keep running.

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