Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


4. Room mates


     "Yea!!!!" Niall yells. 

       "Wait, what?" I say looking around. 

      "We have some extra rooms that we put bags in, right Paul?" Liam says. Paul nods his head 'yes".

      "Then its set. Lets go." Harry said standing up. I give him a WTF look.

     "To the van." Niall said with a 'duh' look on his face. I sigh. I guess its nice of them to offer.

   "Okay, but only one night. Plus I have school in the morning." I say standing up. 

  When we get to the hotel there are fans all around. It kind of scared me the way the caved in on us, with only a few people holding them off. I felt as if they wanted to rip us apart. I grabbed however was right next to me. I look over and see that it was Liam. He looks down at me and worry floods his eyes. I look over at Niall how is walking really close to Zayn. I feel someone grab my shirt and my grip tightens on Liam. He tells everyone to walk faster. We speed up a little bit. 

   We finally get to the elevator and I feel relief wash over me. I let go of Liam and he looks down at me.

  "You okay?" He asks worry in his voice. I look down at my shirt and see its ripped. 

  "Yea I guess." I say "Thanks" I say after and run my fingers over the part of my shirt that is ripped. I sigh.

  We get up to the floor. I guess they rented the whole floor? I didn't know you could do that. Liam and Harry walk me to a room. Its right across from Liam's and a little ways down the hall from Harry's. When they open the door i see zillions of suite cases. 

 "We can move these into the room next to this." Harry tells Liam. He nods. I start to help but they stop me.

  "You can go take a shower in my room." Liam says handing me a key. I thank him and walk across the hall. I open the door and see its a mess. I laugh a little as I walk to the bathroom. I turn the water on and let steam fill the bathroom. I look at the different kinds of shampoos he had. They are all mens but it was nice of him to offer. 

 I end up picking his Axe shampoo. I loved the smell of it. I get out and put on my ripped shirt and sweats. I walk out and see Liam sitting on the couch on his computer. He looks up at me.

  "Thanks" I say to him. He just smiles. 

  "I would give you some of my cloths but they would just fall off you." He says with a frown. 

 "Its fine. You already have been nice enough." I say.

  "Harry might have some though." He says. I nod and walk out to go to Harry's room. I lightly knock. I hear him stand up and run to the door. It flew open and there stood Harry. 

  "Hello." He said looking at me. He steps aside and lets me in. 

  "What brings you to my room?" He asks smiling. 

  "Nothing really." I say. Then his phone rings. He looks at me as if saying sorry then answers. 

 "Hey mum!... yea...mhmmmm....did he?..........miss you guys too.....yea....Can I call you back in like thirty minutes?.....yes i promise......Love you too." He hangs up. Then laughs. He then looks at me.

  "Do you need some cloths?" He asks going into one of the two rooms. He digs out a pair of purple basketball shorts and a random shirt that has a mustache on it. I laugh. 

  "These are the smallest pairs of cloths I have." He says handing them to me. He then goes and digs out a grey sweatshirt. I smile and then go into the bathroom and change. They are a little big on me, but not to big they fall off. 

  "Thanks" I say coming out of the bathroom. He smiles and nods. 

  "Liam is in his room on Twitcam, he wants us to join him." He says standing up. I nod and follow him out of the room. We walk into his room without a sound. Harry pushes me giving me the sign to sneak up on him. I smile. I creep up behind him as he is looking at his phone. When i was right behind him whispered in his ear 'I am here to kill you'. He jumped like 10 feet in the air kicking his computer. Harry and I are literally on the floor laughing. 

   Liam stands up and looks at us. Then he starts laughing. When I stand up I reach down to help him up put he pulls me down and starts tickling the crap out of me. 

   "Stop it! Stop Liam!" I say between laughs. He wouldn't stop though. Soon Harry was helping Liam. I was laughing and kicking.

  " no-.. not re.. responsible.. for... your injuries." I say between laughs. That made them stop. Liam picked up the computer. I was just laying there with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. I open my eyes and Harry's face is right there.

"Jesus!" I say jumping to my feet. Liam and Harry laughing at me.

"Yea. Haha. I'm going to bed." I say walking out the door.

"Can I join you?" Harry says to me.

"You wish." I say leaving the room.


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