Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


2. In to Deep


    I looked over Drakes shoulder to see three boys standing there. One was taller than the rest with a birth mark on his neck. Another had unreal curly hair. The last one had on bright red pants. When they notice the two of us they walk closer. 

   "Are you going to go home and be a good little girl?" Drake asked me, clearly not noticing the three boys walking over. When I didn't answer him he slapped my face twice as hard, thins time making me scream in pain and fall down. I couldn't see out of my eyes now and everything was blurry.


    "Hey! That is no way to treat a lady!" I british voice said. I look up with one eye and see it was the boy with red pants talking.

    "Didn't your mum teach you to have respect?" The curly one said before bending down to help me up.

    "Listen just keep walking and pretend you didn't see anything and we won't have a problem." Drake said reaching for me. I let out a squeal and the birth mark boy stepped between us.

   "I'm Harry. Don't worry Louis will go all Sass Master on him and Liam won't let him touch you." Harry smiled at me. He was squatting down by me now. 

It didn't take long for me to realize which one was Louis and what one was Liam. I also figured out they wouldn't physically fight unless they had too. 

   "Just let me have my girlfriend and there won't be a problem." Drake said getting mad. Harry looked at him like he was stupid.

   "No way in hell. She deserves better then you." He said standing up now. I try to get up but get a major head rush and fall right back down. 

  "Listen here pretty boy, I don't care who you are or what you do. She is mine and its going to stay that way. Now get outta my way before I get really mad." He said fire burning in his eyes. I cringed knowing that look.

   "Nope. I'm afraid she is coming with us. You don't want us to call over our security now do you?" Louis said pulling his phone out. Sass Master, I get it now. 

   "Hello Paul?... Well no we aren't fine... No none of the boys are hurt... We need your help to get someone out of here... Under the board walk right in front of a giant rock.... Thanks Paul!" He hangs up his phone. I raise an eye brow at him. He just flashes a smile at me. 

    We soon her about five men shouting. When they see us they hurry over. Liam explains and three of the five carry Drake off. I sigh in relief.

    "This is Niall and this is Zayn." Harry says pointing to a blonde one and one with black hair. 

    "Oh, I'm sorry love, whats your name?" Harry says giving me a smile. 

     "Ronnie Jackson." I say trying to get up, this time it works. I run my fingers through my hair and shake most the sand out. I lean down and pick up my hat and put it back on.

     "Pretty name." Harry smiles. I look up at him. 

     "So, Ronnie where do we drop you off at?" Louis said. Harry glares at him then looks back at me.

     "Um, I can walk." I smile not actually knowing. Niall raises his eyebrow. 

     "Well I'm hungry!" He says. I was a little shocked when I heard his Irish accent.

     "Ronnie wanna eat with us? You can tell us about yourself." Liam says nicely. 

     "I'm not really hungry. Plus i have no money." I say. At that moment my stomach decided to do a dying whale sound. Harry rolled his eyes and reached for my hand. I pull back. He looked a little taken back. I sigh and walk the other direction from them. I don't need them.

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