Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


8. Cold Water



Me and the boys where laughing our buts off. Well all but Zayn.


"Guys she said she can't swim well...." Zayn said looking over the side. Wait what? I look over she hasn't come up yet. I look around at Liam he is looking at the water too. I don't waste another second. I jump in. I am not sure what the other boys where doing but I new that my priority was to get Ronnie the hell out of the water. I regret ever pushing her in the water.


I hit the water and opened my eyes to the burning sensation, that didn't matter know. I looked around and started swimming down. It felt like forever till i finally found her silky black hair. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up to the surface as fast as i could. I was freezing the water was too cold to be in it for that long. I look at her she looks a little paler than usual.

I pull her on shore and she Louis and Liam have had things under control. there is blanket from the van and Louis is on the phone with his mum. I lay her down on the blanket. 


"Liam you know CPR right?" Louis asked. He nodded back. 


"Zayn go get the temperature of the water for me." He says Zayn nods.


"Niall we need more blankets" He says.Liam starts to do CPR and I know this isn't right but I got a little jealous. Zayn an Niall come back and gave everything to Louis. I heard a cough and look over at Ronnie. Her eyes slowly open. Liam looks proud of himself and gives her a hug and another blanket. She looks a little confused. Then realization comes across her face. She glares at me. 


"Ronnie, I'm sorry I didn't know you couldn't swim." I say trying to get closer to her but she just went closer to Liam. Liam put his arm around her and hugged her. 


"Thanks Liam" She said weakly. I just sat there. Ronnie tried to get up but falls. 

"I'm taking her to the van." Liam said, Picking her up. 


We pick everything up and head back to the hotel without another word.

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