Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


10. Be Mine


Is it bad I am starting to have feelings for Harry? I mean he is cute, wth is hair and green eyes. I hear a knock on my doorpulling me from my thoughts.


"Hey." Harry said walking in. I sigh and close the door. I might like him a little but I am not going to let him see that.

"What do you want?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Well, I kinda wanted my sweater back, but seeing as you're wearing it, I guess you like it so." He says. I look down at the Jack Will's sweater I was wearing and just shrug.


I walk over to the couch and sit. Harry follows me. I turn the tv on to watch some scary movie. I love them. Harry glances at me.

"Is it okay if I say? I haven't seen this one." He says. I look at him.

"I guess." I say. He comes to sit by me. Just then some creepy thing that looked like its head was on backwards screamed at us. I jumped and screameed a little. Harry laughed at me. I just glared at him.


"Come here." he say putting his arms around me. I smile a little as I kinda snuggled into him. I jumped about everytime something scary came on. Everytime Hary laughed at me, I had no choice but to punch him.


After the movie I was kinda scared something was going to kill me. Harry was getting ready to go back to his room.

"Harry, um would you stay please? " I said quietly. He looked at me and smiled. I went to the room. There was two beds. He took one and I took the other.


"Harry, can I tell you something?" I said. As we were laying in pitch black.

"You can tell me anything." He says.

"You can't tell. You are the first person I have ever told this." I say seriously.

"Ronnie I promise I won't" He says.

"To start out with I would really like to thank you guys. I have no where to live. My mom was a druggie and my dad an alcoholic. They kicked me out of the house. I have no clue where my sister, Samantha is." at this point tears where filling my eyes. I let out a sob. Harry hurried over.


"Ronnie, its okay." He says laying next to me and wrapping his arms around me.


"Harry, I don't know where she is. I don't know if  she is okay or not. For all I know she could have been abudes, even more then I was. Harry I can't deal with it. I should have taken her with me. I should have checked in." I couldn't go on, I was crying to hard.

"We will find her Ronnie. I promise." he says. He held me untill I stopped crying, I looked up at him.


"Ronnie, I promise I won't let anything like thatever happen to you again. I swear I won't ever let you be alone. I really do like you. A lot. I promise when you need someone I will always be there." He kissed my forehead.


"Ronnie, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked me, he sounded super nervous.

"Yes." I say. He kissed me softly. Then we both feel asleep. Me wrapped tightly in his arms.







A/N Hi guys:) I've been suppppppppppppper busy. Sorry! I will try to write A LOT tomorrow. thanks for reading:)

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