Footsteps in the Sand (A One Direction Fanfic)

Ronnie, and abused girl, finds love with Harry Styles. Its not love at first sight. In fact she hates Harry for awhile and then he grows on her.)


9. Apologizes

It's been a day and I am still sooo mad at Harry. I get up so I can get ready for school. I take my already straight hair and comb through it. I put on a different snapback from Niall and some of the new cloths i got. I hear a knock on my door.


"Who is it!" I yell. 


"Room service." I hear Liam try to say in a girly voice. I laugh a little and go to open the door. He enters with Starbucks. I smile a little.


"Thanks Liam!" I say taking mine from him. I look at the clock. Oh crap....


"I'm going to be late!! Where is Paul?" I ask, Liam laughs.


"Waiting for you." He says as I leave the room and dart for the elevator where Paul was. I get to school and pull on Harry's jacket. I might be mad at him but it smells good. I look down at my stupid flip phone great I'm late... I get to my locker and see a lot of notes. I roll my eyes and shove them back in my locker. 


"You know you look hot in my sweater." I hear the British accent. I sigh and turn to see Harry has a single red rose in his hand and something behind his back.


"Yes Harry? And take a picture it will last longer..."I say. He smiles. I just roll my eyes and sigh. I turn around and grab my Chemistry book. Glad I was late for that over anything else. I turn around and hit my locker door. I feel down and Harry ran over to help me up. I push him away and get up. I slam my door shut and bend down to get my book but Harry had it in his hands along with the rose and his Iphone 5. 


I went to grab my book but he stepped away. I sigh. I just start walking to my class knowing he was following me. I get to the door and ask him for my book. I go into the class room and take my usual seat in the back. I reach for a pencil in my bag and feel something that shouldn't be there. I pull out Harry's Iphone. I click the lock button and a screen with a picture of  him with a paper that said 'I'm Sorry :(" I sighed and put my phone away. I go through the day like normal. I was walking to my locker after my last class when I saw none other than River. 


"Ronnie!!!!" She says acting friendly. I just walk past her toward the doors, guess I will take my Sociology book home. 


"Wait! Ronnie!" She screams after me. I was relieved to see Niall waiting by the doors for me. I sped up a little. When Niall saw me he smiled and opened the door for me. Then he saw River and got a worried look on his face.


"Lets go Ronnie." He said putting his arm around me and looking back at River. When I looked back at her she was giving me he death glare. I laugh a little. I get in the van and see Harry there. I kinda smile at him. I wasn't ready to forgive him yet. I sigh and hand Harry his phone back. He looks at me like I was stupid.


"Your phone." I say. He just keeps staring at me. I roll my eyes and look around. It was only Paul, Niall, and Harry in the van. I turn around a look at Harry. I soon feel his lips on mine. He pulls back. "I'm truly sorry and I promise i will never let anything or anyone hurt you again, Ronnie." He says looking into my eyes.


"I forgive you" I say with a smile.

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