Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


25. Wishing I wasn't here

*Harry's POV*

I wish I wasn't here... My room mates don't like me. I've already lost Madi.. But she's still my friend, & then Darren is after her. I could tell by the way he was looking at her.. It was around 8pm & we were still at the Fish&Chips place.. I wanted to go I didn't enjoy being here. Maybe If it were Madi & I alone.. But because we aren't , I want out. Madi was talking to Rayah while Darren listened in. I felt excluded.. So instead of just getting up & being a buzz kill I just texted Madi even though she was right in front of me, I knew she would get that I wanted to go. So I texted her asking if she maybe wanted to leave.. It took a few seconds before she realized she got a text. She probably hoped it would have been Zayn. She read the text & I just looked at her, she looked over at me, smiled & nodded. Yes finally. She got out of her seat walked over to me & said "Lets just go walk around yeah? I need to stretch my legs!" She stated. I smiled & nodded. As I stood up Darren noticed. He then grabbed Madi's arm. "Where you going?" He asked somewhat sternly. I wanted to walk up to him & punch him clear across his face for grabbing at her arm like that.. It wasn't rough but I didn't want him touching her. "I'm uh, going back to my dorm." I knew she lied so he wouldn't follow. "Want me to walk you?" He asked then giving me yet another death stare. "No I'm ok.. " she stated, a bit shy. "Well alright." He looked away & went into conversation with Erin, Rayah & Chris.

*Madi's POV* 

Thank god Harry suggested leaving..It was getting annoying just talking about things I didn't even know, seeing Chris always trying to makeout with Erin & Darren attempting to hit on me. Thank you Harry! Harry & I left finally & walked into the cool fall air. I wanted to walk around Campus, I hadn't seen all of it so I thought it would be a good idea. "Do you think it was a good idea coming to this school?" Harry asked.."I've answered that before Harry, I think it was. New experiences. Everything happens for a reason doesn't it?" 

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