Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


18. Why would he say that

*Madi's POV*

Wha..Why would he say that.. My heart fell in two.. Ouch Harry..That was to far..Where did that come from.."Oh ok.. Well I uh, have to go Harry." I stated & closed the door. What the hell?! Why did he say that! that didn't make me feel ANY better, it made me rather want to stay here. I called Zayn & asked him to come over.. I heard a knock at the door, it was Zayn , I opened the door & walked right into a long hug..I needed one, especially from him right now. I buried my face in his neck. "Is everything alright? You seemed really upset on the phone." He said worryingly. "I don't know what to do Zayn! I don't want to leave you or anyone but I have to!" He seemed really worried now..should have explained better.."What! what are you talking about?!" He snapped. "I got accepted to Bradford Boarding school which means..I can't go to school with you anymore, & I'm not going to be living here anymore, I'll be in a dorm! AND Harry is going to be going there too.. " I said. "That's a joke right? It's not a very funny joke." I just looked at him, unaware of what to say.. He knew I wasn't joking after I gave him that look.. "No, no you can't leave ! " He snapped. "Zayn, I applied for this before I even knew you ! theres nothing I can do about it!"  This was lame. Zayn & I weren't even dating & we were making such a big deal out of it.. He took me out once but that was one time, he hasn't made much of an effort since..He just looked at me, pulled me closer by my waist & put his for-head again'st mine.. "I want nothing but the best for you, I hope you know that, I just wish we didn't have to be apart!" He stated. "Zayn, I don't want to be apart from you anymore than you do, but lets get real, it's not like we're dating, I like you, a lot & if we stay friends like this, then I'm just going to have to say goodbye because I don't know what else to do, I don't want to feel downhearted while I'm away!" 

*Zayns POV*
She made a good point.. We weren't a couple..yet.."Fine then,  Madi I would do anything to keep us together, Emma & her sister have not done anything yet to me so I don't care, about distance or people potentially ruining this. What we have between us, Madi, Be my girlfriend?" I had to ask, I've liked her since I took the first look at her, butterflies run through me every time I see or think of her! She didn't say anything, she didn't need to. 

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