Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


4. Who is she?

After talking for about 10 minutes a girl just a bit taller then me but shorter than Zayn skipped over & sat beside Zayn. "Hey Babe!" Then leaned in & kissed him on the cheek. Who was she? I gave Harry a questionable look, he leaned in & simply stated "That's Zayn's girlfriend." I nodded. I tried to avoid eye contact with her because I was honestly a little frightened by her. She was really pretty. Blonde with blue eyes. I somewhat understood why Zayn was dating her. There was an awkward silence. I could kind of tell that the other boys didn't like her.. "So...Are you going to introduce yourself?" I looked up. She was talking to me. "Oh um, I'm Madi.." I said feeling nervous. "Not from around here are you?" She stated in the form of a question. "No I just moved here from Canada." I replied. "Well it's nice to meet you Madi!" She said holding her hand out gesturing for me to shake it. I then did. She was polite but I had a bad feeling about her. She had a really thick English accent that was kind of hard to understand. After lunch I got up from the table & by I accident I bumped into Niall. "Oh Sorry!" I said feeling embarrassed. "Hey no big deal." He said.. "What class do you have next?" He asked. "uh, I have drama class." I stated. "Really? Me too!" He said seeming rather happy. I smiled at the thought of not being alone in class. It was luck!

He & I walked to drama class talking casually. I noticed that Zayn's girlfriend was in my class as well. She noticed me & gave me an evil smirk. What was that all about? I looked at her giving her a questionable look. Well Niall sure noticed and said "Try not to get involved in any problems with her. She can ruin your life." I now knew why the guys at lunch seemed weird when she came around. So she can ruin my life eh? This should be an interesting year with her around...Wow. After class I counted another reason to dislike her. She was a HUGE show off. She clearly thought she was the best. I had Geography class after. But this time I was alone. It was a long & boring class. When the bell rang I got out as quick as I could & went straight to my locker. I put away my things. I went outside & noticed Harry walking towards me. Once he reached me, he said "Hey wanna walk home together? I live in the same direction!" How could I say no? "Of course! What about Zayn, don't you usually walk with him?" I asked. "Ya but his girlfriend Emma is going to his house." He stated. "Oh ok well lets get going yeah?" He nodded & we started walking.

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