Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


26. Walk around campus..

Harry still seemed unsure.. I still don't know why though.."Harry, you really have not been yourself. I know Chris & Darren are bugging you but.. That shouldn't keep you from having a good time here!" He just shrugged. Seriously he what was going on. He wouldn't tell me anything! "Harry. Tell me what's going on." I demanded. He just kind of smirked.. "Can we change the subject?" He kind of laughed.."Harry!" I snapped. 

*Harry's POV*

Yes. Yes there was something bothering me! I like her.. Am I going to tell her? No...Maybe..I couldn't do that to her or Zayn..But I do like her...It's my decision to let her know the way I feel. Maybe I will, what am I going to tell her? I was being put on the spot here. "Nothings going on..I just..Miss the lads..& I'm a bit stressed that's all." I lied. "Well ok.." She ended the conversation.. It was silent for a few minutes but it wasn't awkward. Then, she started shivering, It wasn't warm enough really to be walking but we did anyways. " I didn't realize how cold it actually is!" she stated. I though of something, we were both cold.. so.. 

*Madi's POV*

Then all of a sudden he put his arm around me..I wasn't sure if I should have pulled away or not.. It was better than freezing..So I let him, we weren't going any further than this.. After walking for a bit, Harry still kept his arm around me..We finally reached my dorm that he offered to walk me to. Hes so nice! Better than walking alone for sure. "Thanks Harry! I'll see you tomorrow!" I said cheerfully. "Anytime babe." he stated..Babe? Why did he call me babe.. He just looked at me dead in the eye & started leaning in.. "Tomorrow ! I'll see you tomorrow!" I snapped before he could do anything else! He nodded & walked away. What was that all about. I walked into my room to find Rayah right behind the door. "AH! You scared me!" I hissed. "MADI he tried to kiss you!" She stated with an a huge grin spread across her face.. "He did not!" I defended. "Yes he did ! Don't deny it, but good thing you pulled away, you have a boyfriend!" She said. "Yes Rayah, I am aware that I have a boyfriend." I laughed. "Wheres Erin?" I questioned. "Oh shes out with Chris!" She stated. "Doing what exactly?" I gave her a cheeky grin. "Who knows.." She said. 

*Harry's POV* 

I walked back to my dorm..I almost kissed her.. I shouldn't have let her pull away from me.. I'll get her next time. But, it will take a bit of time, I just have to spend a lot of time with her. As I opened the door I saw Darren on his laptop sitting on our rooms couch. "Where have you been?" He snapped. Great.. "I've been out." I stated. "Stay away from her." He hissed. I knew he was talking about Madi. "I don't know what you're talking about!" I lied. "Yes you do, don't play stupid with me." He demanded. I rolled my eyes & started to get ready for bed. "Where's Chris?" I asked. "Out with Erin." he said. "Doing what?" I demanded. "How should I know? I'm not wikipedia." He hissed. He was so stupid.. I just had to act like I didn't have a problem with him, then he wasn't rude

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