Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


2. This boy.

 This boy was something special. I could feel it. I was really attracted to him. I have never really felt this way about anyone I'v never met. It was strange but I liked the feeling. I have honestly thought love & feelings was stupid, a waist  of time.. But I guess I was always waiting for someone to prove me wrong. I had already been walking for and hour and it was getting a little dark so I attempted to find my way home. Just my luck. I saw the the boy that lived across from me up ahead with some curly haired boy. I figured they were going back to his house so I started to follow..Trying not to seem like I was following them the curly haired boy kept turning around & looking at me. Did he think I was following them? He looked at me a couple times at said something to my neighbor. The curly haired boy laughed a little though I couldn't hear what he was saying. Then all of a sudden.. "HEY ZAYN! IS THAT THE CUTE GIRL THAT MOVED ACROSS FROM YOU & WHO YOU CAN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT!" Shouted the curly haired one. 

I almost died right there. I could feel my face burning a light shade of red. Zayn. So that's his name. I liked it.. Zayn then pushed the curly haired boy into a wall. Is what he said true? He thinks i'm cute? I finally reached my home & ignored the curly haired boy who was loudly teasing Zayn...I went & made myself dinner & went to bed right after. I was really tired. The next morning I woke up & had breakfast. I realized I hadn't finished unpacking everything in my room so I decided I would finish it today & decorate a little bit. I found some blue & white Christmas lights and had them drape around my window. The movers put my wardrobe in one corner of the room & I didn't really like it there so I decided to move it. It was really heavy but I managed to get it out of the way. After I had moved it I realized that there was a really small door where the wardrobe was placed. The door freaked me out a little. Why would there be a door there? An abnormally small door.. It was driving me crazy because I didn't know what it lead to. It made me think of the movie Coraline, where there was an alternate world behind the little door. As if right? I finally built up the courage to open it. As I slowly opened it made a loud creaking noise. I then swung it open to find just a little dark tunnel. I rummaged around my room to find a flashlight. When I did I started crawling down the small tunnel.

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