Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx



Harry & I then walked out of the theater, I checked the time, seeing as it was 8pm I figured I would go back to my dorm now..  "I think I should head back to my dorm now, It's getting a bit late!" I stated. "Ok I'll walk you there!" He suggested. I nodded & we headed back, staying in conversation about everything & nothing, There was always a topic though. After a 15 minutes walk across campus we finally reached my dorm. "Thanks for everything Harry, I had a great time!" I said. "Anything for you." He said. He was so nice. After he said that he gave a me a quick hug & a kiss on the cheek then I headed inside only to see Erin & Rayah staring at me in awe. "Well hello to you to?" I said.. "You went on a date with Harry & let him kiss you on the cheek? Are you & Zayn still together?!" Snapped Erin. "Whoa there, It was NOT a date! & that was just a friendly kiss on the cheek, not on the lips or anything!" I hissed.. "Ok then, Just remember you're Zayns girl, not Harry's!" Said Rayah. That reminded me I forgot to call Zayn! I reached for my phone to only find it dead, great, just great. Then Rayah & Erin gave me a funny look..What were they up to.. I put on some sweatpants & a tank top, brushed my teeth & washed my face. I hopped onto my bed & opened up my laptop to go on FaceBook just to see a bunch of 'Happy Birthday' wishes from friends from back in Canada. I miss them so much.. I looked out of the window which was right beside my bed to see a rather familiar car pull into the parking lot..I just stared at the car as it parked . "Guys come here." I snapped. Erin & Rayah looked at each other & sat beside me.."Look at that car, no one ever comes in at this time!" I stated. They both looked at each other then back at me with an evil smirk spread across their faces.."Oh I'm sure it's just the janitor!" Suggested Rayah. The passenger side of the car door's opened. I couldn't really see who it was though. My face was practically pressed up again'st the window sill trying to figure out who it was. The person started walking but noticed me! The person just stared at me & it looked like they were laughing! I didn't like this. I opened up the window to then see the person waving at me, this was scaring me, big time as I started to close the window I heard "WAIT! Don't close it!" yelled the person. Who had a familiar voice & a familiar car...ZAYN. I just looked at him & ran out of the room, down the stairs & out of the building to find Zayn waiting in the parking lot, I ran up to him & jumped into his arms.. "Sorry for scaring you!" He laughed. "That doesn't matter, it's that you're here that does!" Still hugging him I then pulled back & kissed him. It was so nice to finally have him back again."I've missed you so much!" He stated. "I've missed you too." I couldn't stop hugging him. It's been so long since I had felt something like that. "So, what are you doing here anyways?" I asked. "I knew it was your birthday & I wanted to surprise you! My mom drove me here after school so I could see you for a bit! I can't stay very much longer but I'm glad I was able to see you at all!" he stated. "I can't believe you drove all that way!" I stated. "Anything for you." He kissed my cheek. Then his mom honked the car horn. I just waved to say thanks. "My mom has to be at work early in the morning so I better get going. I wish I could stay longer." He said. "I wish you could too." I said hugging him goodbye. "Tell your mom I appreciate that she took you all the way out here!" I said. "I think she already knows but I will anyways!" He then kissed me goodbye, hugged me for a few moments then left to the car & drove off. I walked back inside to my dorm & went to bed. What a great day. 

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