Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


28. Sick dayss

*Harry's POV*

I got sick the night before the first day of my new school.. GREAT just great. I wanted to call Madi but I couldn't find my phone. I lay in bed trying to fall asleep.. But I kept over thinking stuff.. Anything there was to be thought of. Then I heard a buzzing noise. It took me a moment to figure out where it was coming from.. Under my bed? My phone was under my bed? the one place I didn't look.. It kept buzzing until I finally pressed the answer button. "Hello?" I said with a rather croaky voice. "Harry? Where are you?!" Demanded the voice, I couldn't quite tell who it was.. "Sorry, who is this?" I asked. "It's MADI!" She snapped. Oops! "Oh sorry about that, what's up?" I replied. "Where are you?" She asked again. "I'm sick." I replied. "Oh my god are you alright?" She snapped. At least she cared. "Yeah I'm alright.. Got the flue I think." I replied with a rough voice.. "Well it's a half day, I'll stop by, Is that alright?" She asked. "Of course it is, see you soon!" I replied. "K bye!" she hung up. 

*Madi's POV*

To bad he was sick, he missed his first day! Good thing I was going to stop by.. I left Erin, Rayah & Chris to go see Harry.. On the way I saw Darren, reading something off of his phone, I tried to avoid him seeing me but it was to late.."Hey Madi!" He yelled. I waved & tried to keep walking. He started jogging towards me.. Well there was no point in avoiding him now.."Where you off to?" He asked. I didn't want to tell him that I was going to see Harry because I knew he would follow. "Oh um just to my dorm.." I lied. "Let me walk you there!" He suggested. "Oh I'm alright, I think I just need some alone time right now." I stated. "Well maybe you could have some alone time..with me.." He gave an evil smirk & stepped a bit close to me.. I tried to step back but then he took my hand. I didn't like where this was going. "Hey, lets hang out." He almost demanded. "Darren I told you I want to be alone." I was really stern with him. "Fine.." He gave me a smirk & I kept walking.. I finally made it to Harry's dorm, I'm glad Darren didn't follow me! "I let myself into Harry's dorm because I assumed he couldn't get out of bed. "Harry?" I questioned, I saw him lying in bed looking half dead! Poor guy. "Hey" He said with a croaky voice. I sat at the end of his bed looking at him. He just smiled. What a trooper! "How are you?" I questioned already knowing the answer to that.. "I've been better!" He stated. "I have a bit of salad left over from the Fish&Chips place, want it?" I asked. "No thanks, I'm afraid if I eat it,  it will come back up again!" He sort of laughed. "Hey it's almost your birthday yeah?" I almost forgot..I'm turning 15! in like, five days.. "Yeah it is! thanks for reminding me!" I thanked him. "So are you going to have a party?" He asked. "Harry, where will I have a party?" I questioned, we couldn't leave the campus unless our parents called the school. "Well we could hang out, go see a movie down on campus." He suggested. "Yeah I'd like that!" I said. "Just you & me?" He added. "Why not!" I replied. He nodded. "I'll let you get your rest!" I stated. "Okay.." He said drifting off to sleep.. 

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