Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


15. I need to talk to him..

Well.. After spending time with Zayn I went inside & dried myself off. I changed into some dry clothes..Sweatpants, Dark Blue T-shirt & a purple sweater.. I grabbed my red converse, slipped them on & headed out the door to Harry's house.. I assumed it would be alright if I just showed up..Texting him wouldn't be the right thing to do I don't think, so that's why I'm walking. After a short 5 minute walk I reached Harry's home.. I rang the door bell, waited for a moment then someone opened the door. It was his mom, She looked so much like him! "Hi there! Can I help you?" She asked rather polite. "Um yes, I'm to see Harry, Is he home?" I asked feeling nervous. Maybe he didn't want to talk to me. "Yes..He's here.. He doesn't seem to be doing so well though.." I felt upset. Was it my fault? I just looked down at my shoes about to say thank you & leave but she said something else. "Wait..Are you Madi?" She asked. How did she know? I looked up at her rather curious. "Yes I am!" I stated. "Oh Ok, come in dear! I'm sure Harry wouldn't mind seeing you. Don't tell him I told you this, but hes mentioned you a lot!" She said with a rather cheeky grin... I smiled a laughed a bit.. "By the way I'm Anne!" She introduced herself. "Pleasure to meet you Anne!" I said. "Harry's just upstairs in his room, up the stairs!" She directed me. "Thank you!" I said. I walked up the stairs to a door that had Harry's name placed on it. I knocked on his door hoping he would answer. But the door was already slightly open & I accidentally pushed it open.. Oops. I then saw Harry lying on his bed also in sweatpants on his iPod.. He looked at me then back at his iPod.. "Harry?" I questioned.. 

*Harry's POV*

Why is she here? I didn't think she cared enough.. I looked at her & back at my iPod surfing the internet..I was still a little upset & I didn't know how to handle it.. I really liked her..More than I thought.. She lit up my day. & seeing her here she still lit up my day..But again.. I didn't know how to react.. She stepped in..I didn't mind.. & sat on the end of my bed.."Harry, say something..please?" She said.. I wanted to.. "What am I supposed to say?" I said thinking out loud. "Why did you run out like that earlier?" She asked looking rather upset with me.. "Why were you with Zayn?" I darted back at her.. I needed to know. Did she still like him? She shook her head & looked down at her feet. I didn't like seeing her upset.. It made me feel worse. I sat up & pushed myself next her. "Sorry.." I said.. She looked at me.."Why?" She said still looking rather upset.."I didn't mean to freak out at you like that.." I stated.. "It's alright.." She said. I don't think its alright though. "Why did you run off like that?" She asked again.. I didn't want to tell her I have feelings for her yet though... I didn't want to ruin our friendship & I didn't want to spoil it for her & Zayn... Zayn is one of my best mates.. I didn't want to make him upset either.. " be honest Madi..I just saw how happy you were with Zayn, & I didn't want to ruin the moment so I left.." Well that wasn't the complete truth but I stuck to it.."Thanks.." She said rather blankly. "Hey, can we forget about this?" I asked hopefully... She nodded & put her head on my shoulder.. We stayed like that for a moment, but like everything, it has to end at some point. She stood up & pulled me into a hug. She pulled away, smiled & left..

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