Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


29. Birthday!

Since in just a few days it would be my birthday I tried to keep it on the down low.. I didn't want people making a big deal out of it.. It was only my 15th. School carried on.. Boring.. Harry managed to get better which was great. He & I could hang out on my birthday. Together, alone.. the more I thought of it the less I thought it was a good idea..But we aren't a 'thing' so it's no big deal! All is fair here. It was now Thursday. The day before my birthday.... I was glad it was on a Friday this year so I didn't have to worry about any work due the next day for school! No one else knew about my birthday except for Harry. I had a restless sleep, being a bit exited for my birthday.. My alarm clock went off. I went to hit the snooze button but when I opened my eyes Erin & Rayah were right in front of my face! "What the hell are you doing?" I was crabby.."HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they both shouted. "How did you know it was my birthday?" I asked.."Well I woke early when your phone buzzed. Then I looked at it & your boyfriend texted you saying happy birthday so that's how we know!" Erin said very pleased with herself. "Wow someone is nosy!" I said getting out of bed as they laughed. I went to my phone & read the text from Zayn. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE:))" I don't even remember telling him my birthday but that doesn't matter. He knew & that made me happy. "Thanks sooo much! I'll call you later (:" I texted him back then got ready. I started walking to class but a bit early so I could get something to eat, Then I saw Harry. He noticed me right away & ran towards me, he had a huge smile on his face. He put his arms around me, lifted me up & swung me around. I hugged back embracing the moment. "Happy birthday!" He said still hugging me. "Thank you!" I said. "I'm going to buy you breakfast, what do you want?" He asked. "Harry you don't have to do that!" I stated. "It's your birthday! Of course I do!" He snapped. I just laughed. He then ordered us breakfast sandwich's & we started walking to class. It was another boring class..Another boring day.. An ok lunch because Harry bought me a few things from the Cafeteria.. But then it was finally the end of the day. The bell rang & it was chaos through the halls with everyone rushing out for the weekend. I walked to my locker..Well attempted to anyways with all the people in the hall it took me a while. When I did reached my locker there was Harry waiting for me. He had a big grin spread across his face. I just looked at him & laughed a bit. "What are you laughing at?" He questioned. "You have the funniest look on your face!" I said poking him. He just shook his head as I then put away my books & binders in my locker. "Where is Rayah & Erin?" I asked him. "They are planning your party!" He stated. "But I'm spending my birthday with you, I thought they knew that.." I said. "They're hosting one for you tomorrow. They know that you're with me tonight!" He replied. "Ok cool!" I said as we started walking. "So where to first? It's a bit early to see a movie now,  I wanna see a scary movie tonight, when it's DARK!" I stated. "Well we could go swimming if you like!" He suggested. "That sounds like a great idea!" I stated. He walked me back to my dorm so I could grab my bathing suit & towel. I was just going to change in the change rooms by the pool. "I'll meet you there k? I need to get my swimming trunks!" He stated. "Alright I'll see you there." I started walking towards the change rooms to get ready." After I put on my blue bikini I grabbed my towel & headed for the pool. There I saw Harry sitting on the edge of the pool. He didn't notice me yet so I creeped up behind him & pushed him in the pool. SPLASH. "HEY what was that for?! The water is so cold!" He hissed. I just started laughing & leaped into the pool. Well that wasn't good, I just caused a MAJOR splash fight.. I usually lost these. But I had an advantage, I could hold my breath for a really long time! So I ducked under water & Harry did too, He waved at me & made really funny faces, he is such a good friend ! After about an hour or more of swimming we finally got out. I went to the change room, dried & got dressed. I stepped out of the change room to see Harry there waiting. "Lets go get something to yeah?" He suggested. "Great idea I'm starving!" I replied. We found a sushi place which was good, we both enjoyed sushi so we had dinner there. While we were eating Harry started to speak. "Hey I got something for you!" He stated. "Harry you didn't! You're already taking me to see a movie, buying my dinner, You shouldn't have!" I snapped. He just shook his head & handed me an envelope. I opened it to see a card in it. Ok as long as he didn't spend any more money on me! It was just a classic birthday card but it was sweet! "Aw thanks Harry!" I said. "There's something else in the envelope.." He said.. I reached in the envelope giving him a questionable look..then I pulled out something. TWO somethings. Oh my god. "YOU GOT ME TICKETS TO SEE 'COLDPLAY'!" I shouted. I didn't even realize how loud I was until other people started staring.. oops.."Harry I can't believe you!" I said. "A simple 'thank you' would suffice you know!" he laughed. "How did you get 'Coldplay' tickets?!" I snapped. "I know people!" He said with a cheeky grin. "Thanks Harry, thank you so much! Best birthday gift ever!" I stood up & gave him a hug. "Hey let's go catch that movie yeah? It's gotten pretty dark out now!" He asked/stated. "Sure!" I replied. When we got to the cinema they showed a selection of movies. I wanted to see a horror movie & they had "The Grudge" playing. Harry then bought the tickets & we went in to take our seats. Halfway through the movie I got really scared. Harry noticed & then put his arm around me.. It was kind of weird at first but nothing else was going to happen so I think it was alright..When the movie ended I looked at Harry & saw that he was ASLEEP. I took his arm off of me. I then attempted to wake him up by throwing popcorn at him. "What?" He muttered. "Harry the movie is over!" I snapped. "I was awake I swear!" He stated. "Yeah ok!" I said getting out of the theater chair. 

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