Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


3. An unknown place to my new house.

It looked like it had  not been used for a while seeing as there were many cobwebs. There was another small door in my way & it was unlocked too. I opened it & it was still dark. I pointed my flashlight to find a very large room filled with books! I stood up & attempted to find a light switch. When I found it, it lit up the room for me to see even more books. & a large couch. Man this was cool! I decided to keep this a secret from my mom because I thought this would be a nice place to get away from the world. I then left the large room & put my desk in the way so it wasn't visible to anyone who came into my room... Wow one more week until I have to go to school. The thought was scary but I had to get over it. I didn't do much for the rest of the week. I just relaxed until school started. So the night before school finally came. I barley got any sleep. I got up the next morning at 7 am as school started at 9. I freshened up putting on a small amount of makeup on. I put on a white t-shirt with a navy blue sweater & black skinny jeans. It was time to now so I started out the door. There he was AGAIN. Zayn & the curly haired boy up ahead. I finally reached my new school. Some people looked at me. They were probably wondering who I am. I just kept walking attempting to find my class. Once I reached my class I recognized the curly haired boy. Great. He also noticed me & waved. I smiled back trying to find a seat but he then gestured me to sit next to him. I didn't want to knowing he might tease me about Zayn or something. But I did because there was nowhere else to sit. "Hey good to see you again!" He said. "Um ya you too.." I replied a little puzzled. "Sorry about what happened the other day, I have a bad habit of teasing my friends!" He laughed. "It's alright I guess." I said. "My name is Harry, Harry Styles!" he stated. "Nice to meet you! Name is Madi!" I stated.

Considering he seemed so annoying before he wasn't all that bad now. We had a bit of small talk before the teacher came into the class room. It sure was nice not sitting alone with a room full of strange people. Finally class was over. "Hey wanna join my mates & I for lunch?" Harry asked. "Sure!" I answered. He & I walked back to his locker then to the cafeteria to meet up with his friends. As we walked up to the table with his friends I noticed Zayn was sat there. I froze as I saw him but then I sat down feeling a little awkward. When I sat down everyone introduced themselves. They seemed like really nice guys. There names were Niall, Liam, Louis & of Course Zayn was there. Zayn didn't do much of an introduction of himself. He simply waved after Harry said "Madi, you remember Zayn yeah?" I nodded & smiled a little..

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