Shes the new girl in Bradford England, knows no one but is really curious about the boy that lives across from her. Zayn. will she finally end up with the boy she has loved from day one? KEEP READING :)xx


9. A good night for Harry.

*Harry's POV*, 

Tonight was amazing. I spent a lot of one on one time with Madi. We went on a long walk just talking about ourselves. I really felt something between us tonight.. We talked about so many different things. I felt like I really knew her. I could trust her too. Tonight we shared secrets, laughed & I totally got Zayn off of her mind. I think shes kinda into me because when I held her hand she never hesitated or anything. I hugged her longer and tighter as we said goodbye when she had to go home. I kissed her on the cheek & left. I felt pretty proud of myself.

*Zayn's POV*

I was just closing my curtains of my living room window which had a clear view of Madi's home. I looked outside just as I was closing them & noticed two people standing in front of her house. I squinted my eyes to see better. It was Harry & Madi. Together & hugging. I didn't like it one bit.. It was almost like a train wreck. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. They finally pulled apart. That relieved me a bit.. He said something to her then kissed her on the cheek! I felt angry.. Angry that I couldn't do ANYTHING about it. That's it.. When I see Emma tomorrow. I'm ENDING it. I don't care what she does. I need Madi to understand that seeing her & Harry together is breaking me. I need to step up & talk to her. Sure, sounds stupid that I'm making this big of a deal over a girl I don't really know. I'll prove it to her that I can be a better bestfriend & boyfriend than Harry. I can.

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