It Ain't No Use In Turning On Your Light Zarry AU

Zayn has moved to a new town, wanting to escape. Finding four new friends wasn’t part of the plan. Zarry AU


4. Chapter 4

Zayn’s heartbeat had picked up as he started heading in Harry and Harry’s friend’s direction. He had no idea why he was heading over; after all they could just want to call him names, but one look at Harry and it was like his feet were moving on their own accord.

Besides, the four boys waiting for him at the end of the steps didn’t look particularly threatening. The blond and a short haired brunette standing together were just staring at him curiously but not with any hostility although the brunette looked a little sad. He was not sure if they were any of his classes. He recognized the one who had called out his name from his English class as that boy had made the suggestion that they read the plays they were studying out loud leaving Zayn wishing he could switch out of that class. But he didn’t seem bad, just enthusiastic. He was still smiling right now.

And then there was Harry. He was watching Zayn as well, but in a shy manner, biting his lip and glancing at the ground every once in a while but still looking happy. The mannerisms really confused Zayn. This morning while eating breakfast, Zayn had convinced himself that while Harry had wanted to get to know him in class, once he had heard the other kids, he had realized Zayn wasn’t worth getting to know.

But it seemed Zayn was wrong. As soon as he made it to the group, Harry was the first to speak.

“Um…hi Zayn,” Harry said slowly, fidgeting with his hands.

Zayn gave a small smile, not able to do anything else.

“He said hi. Are you not going to answer him?” the one directly beside Harry asked bluntly making Zayn open his mouth in shock before turning on his heel, fully intending to make a mad dash into the school when a hand grabbed him. Spinning around, he found it was Harry who had tugged onto his wrist.

“Don’t run,” Harry said softly. “Please,” Then he spoke a little louder. “Louis was just unintentionally being an ass.”

Louis nodded apologetically as Zayn looked up. The third brunette rolled his eyes and pushed Louis forward.

“Say it out loud,” Liam said. “And I’m really sorry he said that. We don’t mean to hurt you, we just…

“Alright Liam!” Louis said. “Zayn, I am sorry, really.”

“He means it,” the blond piped up in a thick Irish accent that made Zayn give a small smile. “We’re all just curious! So do you just don’t talk at all? Why?”

“Niall!” Liam hissed but Zayn was feeling a little more relaxed although he noticed Harry still hadn’t let go. He looked at the curly haired boy curiously, which made Harry immediately blush and let go.

“Sorry,” Harry muttered but Zayn didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable so he patted him on the shoulder as if to say it was ok. Harry’s little grin put Zayn at even more ease so he shrugged his bag off his shoulder and whipped out his notepad, scribbling while appreciating the group’s patience.

I just can’t talk right now. I’m sorry. It’s ok if you don’t want anything to do with me because of it.

Ripping off the sheet of paper, he handed the note to Harry who read it wide eyed and quickly handed it off to the others. Niall was the last one to get it and he crumpled it quickly.

“If you think we’re going to ditch you now, you’re wrong,” Niall stated.

“Ya,” Liam said, giving Niall a light shove. “Niall does enough talking for all of us. Now would you like a tour of the school?”

Zayn nodded again, still in awe that they were accepting him, and they headed toward the front doors while Louis was telling Liam what to show Zayn, emphasizing that it absolutely did not include the library, Liam’s favourite hangout.

A pull on his sleeve made him halt while Niall, Liam and Louis wandered forward, engrossed in their conversation. It was Harry.

“Look,” Harry said, seeming nervous again.” I just wanted to apologize for yesterday. I should have stood up for you. I was just a coward.”

Zayn really wanted to ask why as turned to his notepad again but instead all he wrote was.

Believe me, I understand being scared.

“How did you know I was scared?” Harry asked before realizing how harsh that sounded. “I mean that’s completely right. You just get people don’t you?”

All Zayn managed was a small blush at the compliment but that was enough for Harry as he handed back the notepad and led Zayn back to the group.

“Let’s go to the football field first!”


After their initial meeting, it turned into the best day Zayn had in a long time. Niall, Liam, Louis and especially Harry all eagerly took him around the school, sat near him during their classes together and even stayed with him during lunch. They were all so energetic that even if Zayn talked, he doubted he would be able to get a word in. Niall chatted the most closely followed by Louis. Harry always chimed in and Liam even said a few words from time to time, even if he had spent most of the lunch glancing at his phone every two minutes and sighing sadly. Zayn didn’t want to overstep boundaries by writing Liam to ask what was wrong when he just met him but he really hoped he would be ok cause he was really friendly, just like the other three.

It seemed he wasn’t the only one who realized it. Zayn had heard occasional whispers throughout the day, usually about him as a foster kid and Harry’s sexuality but no one said anything directly to him. The ones who approached them had just greeted Zayn pleasantly.

It was really weird for Zayn. Usually he had time trusting anyone partly because they all left when they found out he couldn’t speak a word. But just the way all four boys hadn’t been bothered by his problem and accepted him anyway made Zayn want to stick with them even though he was sure they would leave once they learned more about him. But for now, he wanted to have a little happiness. So he had even jumped into Louis’ van after school and taken the mint chocolate chip ice cream Harry had bought for him, as Zayn couldn’t really protest.

They were currently all sitting outside the ice cream shop on a wooden bench, listening to Niall ramble on about the football game he had watched. Zayn was paying attention but he was also laughing inside as Harry licked the ice cream dripping down his wrist, disregarding the cone completely. He was having a great time until he caught a glimpse of the time on Harry’s black leather watch.

A strangled sound fell out of his throat as he leapt from the table again grabbing his notepad from the ground and scribbling madly.

I have to get home now!

They all could see his panic and so rushed to the orange van with Zayn in the lead. As soon as they were seated, Harry put his hand on Zayn’s, trying to calm him, but Zayn’s mind was completely elsewhere. He was so late! He had just been so happy finally having friends that he had forgotten to call Paul from the school phone. Paul had probably come to pick him up. He must be so angry and although Zayn knew in the back of his mind he was being irrational, all he could think that Paul was going to scream and fists were going to be used. Zayn wouldn’t be able to take it!

Louis arrived at Paul’s in record time, having known the house from when Paul’s parents threw parties basically for the town. Harry immediately tried to help Zayn out of the car but halted as he took in Zayn’s appearance.

Zayn’s face was completely ashen, eyes blown wide but glazed over and his breathing was completely erratic. He could feel an incredible pain in his chest and was gripping it but everything else was fading from Harry’s worried yells to the sights around him. His reality suddenly became that he had no air, tears were pouring down his cheeks and the hands were going to hurt him in this terrible blackness.

All he could think over and over was “No, no, no!”

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