It Ain't No Use In Turning On Your Light Zarry AU

Zayn has moved to a new town, wanting to escape. Finding four new friends wasn’t part of the plan. Zarry AU


3. Chapter 3

While Zayn was apprehensively getting ready for school, in another part of town, a curly haired teenager was eagerly inhaling his breakfast while simultaneously texting his sister who had gone out off to college in London a week ago. He missed her like crazy but it was made slightly better when she texted him every morning before her class.

“Harry you need to find yourself a boyfriend this year.”

Harry rolled his eyes at Gemma’s radical honestly. She never did like to sugarcoat things, just like their mom, so he had learnt over the years to just answer with the truth. It’s what they wanted to hear. Or at least something close to it.

“Well I do have my eye on someone…”

Harry smirked at his own vague text before he closed his phone, knowing he had to go get his books ready. That should keep her happy although he expected he would be getting tons of questions about who it was.

Harry felt the need to keep that a secret though. After all, this could just be a silly crush, going nowhere except in Harry’s imagination. But if Harry’s imagination could somehow become reality, that would be amazing. Albeit a little dirty but amazing.

The weird thing was that Harry had just met Zayn yesterday. He had never fallen this fast or this hard before if at all. Sure there were a few crushes over the years but none had ever lasted and when they had faded away into friendships or awkward “we don’t talk anymore” phases, Harry was always glad. But ever since Harry had glanced into those mocha eyes when he tried to introduce himself yesterday, he knew that he did not want that.

What Harry wanted was to stare at Zayn forever, like he had been doing in History class before the bell rudely interrupted him.  He wanted to kiss those pink pouty lips, ruffle his fingers through that styled jet-black hair. Honestly, he had so many fantasies but knew it wouldn’t amount to anything without talking to Zayn first. Why wouldn’t he talk, not just to Harry in class, but during the other class all his classmates were whispering about?

There wasn’t much to go off of as Harry, and really the whole town, didn’t know too much about Zayn. It was a bit strange in a place where you couldn’t even go to the bank without someone saying hello and when everyone at school had found out his sexuality, Harry found everyone in town just had to talk to him about it.

The citizens weren’t necessarily mean, just loved some good gossip. So when word had gotten out that Paul, who had moved from Ireland a few years back to take over his father’s security company, was going to London to foster a kid in hopes of adoption, no one could stop chatting about it all summer. It probably was the most exciting thing to talk about since everyone had found out Harry played for a different team. Literally.

Harry had been curious but not overly inquisitive like his mom and his stepdad who just had to talk to Paul about it whenever they ran into him because they all had expected a baby. But when Paul had been spotted bringing a teenage boy home, as one of his neighbours had reported, Harry’s interest grew a little more, as did everyone else’s who couldn’t figure out why Paul wanted such an older kid. Unfortunately, Paul’s new child never seemed to leave the house as Harry never saw anyone new and he had been out a ton the last couple of weeks with Gemma who wanted to “put every part of home in her head” before she left for college. All Harry managed to find out was that his name was Zayn.

So naturally Harry had put two and two together when he saw the boy in class and since then all his thoughts consisted of was Zayn, Zayn, Zayn, with the occasional thanks to Paul for bringing such a gorgeous person to Chesire where pickings could be slim.

“Harry, Louis is here with that awful orange contraption. Are you sure you don’t want me to drive you?” Anne yelled from downstairs, breaking Harry out of his Zayn oriented thoughts.

“No mom, we’ve been over this!” he yelled back before grabbing everything he needed and dashing down the stairs just as Louis started to beep on the horn incessantly. That boy was impatient.

“Ok but stay safe,” Anne said, tearing up, as she looked at her baby boy all ready for school. Harry noticed, of course, and gave her a big hug for comfort.

“Mom you already cried yesterday, on my first day. You can’t cry anymore. It’s against the rules.”

“I know,” Anne sniffled. “It’s just you and your sister are growing up so fast and you are the only one left.”

“It’s ok,” Harry grinned, pecking his mom on the cheek. “You still have a couple more years that you’re stuck with me.”

With that, he dashed out the door to find Louis playing with his phone while resting his feet on the wheel. Hearing Harry open the van door, he went back to sitting regularly while grinning at his friend.

“Hey Hazza. A little slow this morning, I see. Did your mom spend some extra time ruffling those beautiful curls?”

Harry blushed at the obvious momma’s boy comment before glaring at his best friend.

“Just drive. We’re already two minutes late and you know how Liam is about being on time.”

“That I do,” Louis replied before starting up the car. “Though the way he’s been so heartbroken about Danielle moving to America for ballet school, I’m surprised he’s been able to pull himself out of bed.”

Harry nodded sympathetically in agreement. He, Louis and Niall had been trying to get Liam out of his slump the past couple of weeks but all Louis and Harry had managed to do was get their heads almost bitten off when they suggested going out clubbing. Niall had been a bit more successful, reporting that Liam had stopped crying when the two watched Toy Story together but they were still stuck with a very sulky teenager.

“Ya he’s talking as little as Zayn seems to be,” Harry slipped out, not noticing how he had subconsciously brought him into regular conversation. Louis didn’t miss it though and couldn’t help with a little teasing at Harry’s obvious interest in the new kid.

“Ah yes, the wonderful Zayn who you couldn’t shut up about after getting out of your second detention yesterday. Except all you could talk about was how beautiful he is.  What did you find out, that he was the best kisser in London or something?”

“I wish,” Harry almost said before he caught himself, knowing Louis would never shut up about that. Instead he proceeded to explain himself.

“No he was walking out with Paul when I saw those two prats, Mark and Jeff, picking on him. He didn’t even say anything back!”

“Well did you?” Louis asked.

“No,” Harry replied meekly, feeling just as ashamed as he did yesterday afternoon.

“No because they haven’t stopped hounding you since you came out,” Louis said matter-of-factly, pulling up in front of Liam’s house before honking the horn. “Seriously Harry, you need to stick up for yourself and…”

“That’s not the point right now Louis,” Harry interrupted, having heard the lecture before. “The point is he doesn’t talk at all it seems. I thought maybe he was just intimidated but then everyone in detention was talking about how he couldn’t even answer the teacher and seemed really scared. I mean do you think it’s got something to do with this past?”

Before Louis could answer, Liam slipped into the car, a frown on his face, his eyes suspiciously red and puffy. Harry gave him a small smile that wasn’t returned so he went to looking uncomfortably out the window while Liam pouted in the back. The rest of the ride was silent, both boys in the front knowing it was unwise to talk about a crush in front of their melancholy friend.

They picked Niall up last, who was of course snacking on a toaster strudel while getting into the vehicle, prompting Louis to yell at him for the rest of the ride for getting crumbs all over his precious seats. It would have been irritating except Harry noticed a small smile from Liam when Niall would argue back about his need to eat, his Irish accent and swearing getting heavier as crumbs sprayed everywhere. Trust Niall to bring out the best in someone, even in an argument. Maybe Harry should get him to help with Zayn.

Finally they arrived at school and as they walked through the parking lot, Niall and Liam whispering something up ahead as Niall put his hand on Liam’s shoulder, Louis decided it was time to restart their discussion on Zayn.

“So you said he doesn’t speak at all?”

Harry nodded vigorously then doing his signature hair shake to put his curls back into place.

“Well we will just have to fix that won’t we,” said Louis, a devilish grin on his face that Harry knew couldn’t mean good news. Before he could even ask, Louis let out a loud yell.

“Oi Zayn!”

And just like that, Harry’s heartbeat started going crazy. Louis must also have a class with him. Why didn’t he say anything earlier? Besides his heart trauma, Harry’s palms were sweaty and a blush painted his cheeks but he couldn’t look away as the dark skinned boy who had just been heading up the front steps turned to them at the sound of his name.

“Would you come here for a minute?” Louis continued in his loud voice, prompting even Liam and Niall to halt their conversation and turn curiously.

Harry couldn’t believe his eyes when Zayn actually started off in their direction and started to tremble in nervous anticipation of what would happen when Zayn reached them.

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