It Ain't No Use In Turning On Your Light Zarry AU

Zayn has moved to a new town, wanting to escape. Finding four new friends wasn’t part of the plan. Zarry AU


1. Chapter 1

“Zayn get up now! This is the last time I’m shouting at you before I come up there and flip your bed over.”

Zayn groaned inwardly, pushing himself into a sitting position before flopping right back down on the pillow. His eyelids were fighting a losing battle with his mind that was telling him to force himself into the shower before his new foster parent really got angry. Paul had been nice enough to let him sleep his weekend away, even sitting with him when screams had torn from his throat, tears cascading down his cheeks as the voices…..

No, Zayn did not want to think that. It was better to get up and face this dreaded day then return to the deep recesses of his mind that wouldn’t allow him any peace, no matter how tired he really was.

It only took Zayn about a half an hour to get ready. He settled a light shirt and pants combo quickly. Although he didn’t think his hair looked even close to perfect, his hands were shaking too much to really attempt anything so instead he decided to just make his slow descent down the creaky wooden stairs, hoping his guardian wasn’t in too bad of a mood at Zayn’s lateness. He’d have to make some attempt at an apology, maybe cook breakfast or clean his room, even though it really wasn’t dirty due to the limited belongings he owned.

He would think of something though as Paul had been way nicer than expected. It wasn’t often a single man got to take in a foster kid (or rental as some of his companions at his former boy’s home liked to call themselves) and he questioned whether the older man was doing it for the government cheques.

The suspicions never became truth as after Paul had arrived in London in a vintage car ( Zayn was itching to drive it but knew he’d wouldn’t be able to even ask to get his license much less ask to borrow such a valuable thing) and driven the long three hours drive to a magnificent stone house in Chesire.

Zayn’s mouth hadn’t closed for probably two minutes before he realized Paul was actually bringing his stuff inside for him. If that wasn’t such a shock, following the man had led Zayn to a huge room with a four-poster bed.  Just for him.  It was mind boggling but what really threw Zayn for a loop was that Paul cooked him a huge dinner and let Zayn himself pick out a movie to watch after the meal. He didn’t even yell when Zayn had spilled his soda all over the coffee table, which was a welcome relief. And it had been that good the whole week he had been here.

Whatever force out there had decided Zayn needed a little luck right now was amazing, but he wasn’t sure how long the streak would last so the dark-haired boy proceeded to make his way into the kitchen and swallow a bit of toast.

“Is that all you want?”

Nodding, Zayn swallowed the buttery bread down with a bit of water, knowing he wouldn’t be able to stomach anything else.

“Are you ready for your first day of classes?”

Giving a non-committal shrug, Zayn carried his dish to the sink, trying to avoid Paul’s worried eyes. He definitely was not ready but there was nothing he could do. He had to go.

“Ok well if you’re finished breakfast, we’ll head out. Your backpack is near the door. All the supplies are in it.”

Hoping a small smile would convey his gratitude, Zayn put on his navy blue jacket with the school emblem printed on the front and followed Paul out into the misty morning. The sun was barely breaking through the clouds. A perfect reflection of his emotions.

The ride was mostly silent, Paul occasionally pointing out spots to visit around town. It was entirely too short a trip for Zayn, his stomach turning some more as they pulled up to the large building where a bunch of boys and girls were milling about outside. Knowing he’d have to face it sooner or later, Zayn heaved a small sigh before grabbing his bag.

He gave a small wave to his foster dad before slumping his shoulders and heading toward the main doors, eyes cast downward.

Back in the car, Paul watched the retreating boy sadly, as he had for the past few days, but also with a bit of hope in his heart.

See, Paul had been informed by the caseworker of Zayn’s almost two-year problem the moment he had expressed interest, but he hadn’t really believed it to be that serious. In any case, Paul thought he’d be able to fix it in a week.

He hadn’t. However, although he hadn’t gotten Zayn to speak yet, he had confidence some new friends would.

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