I will be gone

A girl named Lexi and her best friend Katy go to a one direction concert when Harry pulls Lexi on stage and starts singing to her will they fall inlove with eachother or not???


7. Zayns pov

The day I met Lexi I thought she was the one for me but then Harry called dibs on her so now I'm the saddest Person on earth then I hear Louis saying its okay bud you will find your true love and she Is going to be waiting a couple says later I found Lexi and Harry having sex I wanted to cry but that will get their attention I went out and got in my car I got in and drove home safely I ran to my room I slammed the door and locked it I bursted into tears I heard a knock on my door it was Louis yes I said r u okay buddy? He said oh yea I'm fine thanks I said he left and I started to cry more then I went in the shower to calm myself down It did work I thenwentand watched spongebob it was funny the rest of the night I tweeted and yea
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