I will be gone

A girl named Lexi and her best friend Katy go to a one direction concert when Harry pulls Lexi on stage and starts singing to her will they fall inlove with eachother or not???


1. Suprise!!:)

Well my name is Lexi I just turned 18 Yesturday I lived with my friend Katy I really loved my best friend she was the best we moved to London when I turned 18 I gotta say she has good taste in houses well let me tell you about myself I had brown curly hair brown eyes I was 5'10 and I was skinny.
**flash back**

Lexi's pov:
OMG today was my birthday and we were moving to London I got up and took a warm shower I put on my ripped jean shorts and a one direction shirt (and yes I am a huge fan of 1D) I let my curly hair down I put on some make up and headed down stairs my mom and dad were there with gifts hello sweety my dad said hello honey my mom said hey I said happy birthday mom and dad said awee thanks guys I said and gave them a bear hug I opened their gifts my moms was a iPod touch and my dads was an IPhone 5 and an iPad2 I thanked them and went to katys house.

Katys pov:
When I heard the front door open I jumped out of bed and ran near the stairs I was about run down when my foot jerked I fell down stairs and saw Lexi with her mouth open it made a perfect "O shape I started to laugh she ran to me and said r u okay? Yes I'm fine I said I gave her the present I bought her he mouth dropped when I handed her the 1D tickets she gave me a hug and started to run around the house

Lexi's pov
Omg!! Katy how did you get these and it's front row that's impossible to get!! Thanks I love you so much I started to run around with joy until I fell I started to laugh so did Katy I admit it was funny when I fell oh shitt! The concerts in 3 days and it's in London I can't wait we got a house near the arena ...

**end of flashback**
Lexi's pov:
When we arrived to our new home I started to run around then all of a sudden i thought about the 1D concert I went to forever 21 and got this cute poffy dress it was orange and I got orange heels I also got an outfit for Katy I went home ....
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