I will be gone

A girl named Lexi and her best friend Katy go to a one direction concert when Harry pulls Lexi on stage and starts singing to her will they fall inlove with eachother or not???


11. Relationship going good!:)

Harrys pov:
Well since Lexi called me and said she was worried sick about me so I decided to go home after the call so I did when I got there I went inside and Lexi ran and hugged me seriously her hugs are amazing I couldn't leave her she was the best kisser and best hugger i don't know why I'd do if I hadn't met Lexi I would've been lost with out her
Lexi's pov:
Well alittle later I heard the door open I immediately stood up and ran to Harry I hugged him tight I don't what I'd do without him he was like an angel that fell from heaven and sent him to me to love and to keep forever so after the hug we started to make out on the couch I couldn't believe that he was home I would've been terrible if he wasn't ..
Katy's pov:
Well me and niall have Been dating for a few monthes and we never got into a fight I'm so thankful that we haven't been in a fight yet I don't want to split up with him he's my world he's my hero he's my little lepuerchaun from Ireland I didn't want to losse him why me? I thought why would he chose me? I added I'm just a normal teen yea i know he's normal but yea why?
Nialls pov:
So me and Katy have been dating for a couple of monthes and I wanted to propose to her early yea I know it's to early but I never wanna loose her she's my princess we were meant to be together forever ive never played girls my whole life.. I wonder what I'd be doing if I didn't meet katy..
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