I will be gone

A girl named Lexi and her best friend Katy go to a one direction concert when Harry pulls Lexi on stage and starts singing to her will they fall inlove with eachother or not???


3. Concert time!!

1 day later...
I woke up and got dressed in my orange dress and heals I straightened my hair I woke up Katy and did get read the concer was in an hour so we ate and did our make we made our way to my Audi and drove to the arena witch was 5 min. Away

Harry's pov:
I bumped into a girl Yesturday she was so beautiful I asked for her number and she gave it to me the concert was going to start we got to the stage...

Lexis pov:
The concert started and they started singing Harry was so sexy he looked at me and his eyes widen he came closer to me and pulled out his hand which means come onstage I went on stage he started to sing to me it was amazing then Niall got Katy and when the concert was over all the boys greeted us backstage hey aren't you the girl that I bumped Ito Yesturday? Harry said umm yea I said nervous Katys eyes widen well hello Harry said hi I said back we started to talk but they had to go to the meet and greet then Liam said do u guys wanna come to the meet and greet with us? Yea I said we went to the meet and greet some girls gave me the death glare a tear came down my face what's wrong love? Louis said facing me oh nothing I said back no there is something wrong Louis said back seriously nothing's wrong I said ok Louis said he started to sign more finally the meet and greet was over we went on the tour bus they asked if we wanted to sleepover we said yes Harry gave me some sweat pants and one of his white shirts so Katy wore Nialls clothes

Katys pov:
Niall let me borrow some of his clothes we slept over at their house when I was done changing I went outside and saw Niall on his bed so I layed next to him he pulled me closer and whispered in my ear I want you I want you to I said he gently kissed me and we were
Official cuz Niall tweeted a pic of me and him and he said I finally found my princess I smiled and kissed him
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