I will be gone

A girl named Lexi and her best friend Katy go to a one direction concert when Harry pulls Lexi on stage and starts singing to her will they fall inlove with eachother or not???


6. A day at the beach

**next morning**
Me and Harry woke up at the same time we went down stairs hey guys Louis screamed hey we both told him wanna go to the beach to day ? Louis asked yeah sure thats great Harry said wait I have to go home and get ready see you guys in an hour ? I asked want me to come with you Harry asked yea if you want I got my keys to my Audi and went in Harry got ready and came out his mouth opened and he came in the car woah he said woah what? I said this is my dream car Harry said can't you afford one I said yea but I didn't want one yet Harry said oh ok I said we went to my house and yes he did the same he said . it's just a house Harry I said I got dressed and went down stairs how do you get these things? Harry asked oh my parents are rich I said oh he said I sat next to him and started to kiss his neck then I went up to his lips we made out then Harry said r u ready for the next step? I told we needed to go and told him we'd do it tonight he just said ok happily we went in my car ofcourse but he wanted to drive ! Ok styles you can drive it but if u crash it your dead meat! We went to the beach I layed my towel on the floor and put sunblock on I layed down on my towel and Harry asked y u laying down ? I'm tanning I said he picked me up bridal styles and walked to the water Harry I yelled he let me go and I fell in the water Harry I yelled again and started to run to the boys which they were in the water I was close to Liam so I jumped on his back and he yelled and caught me haha I said your so sneaky lexi Liam said I jumped off and stayed underwater for a while then louis started to scream where's Lexi! They started to look for me but Harry was to good and he found me I pretended to be dead when we got to shore i started to laugh r u serious Harry said sheesh it was a joke I said and walk to my towel you scared the shit out of me Harry said sorry I said I layed down and put on my glasses you can't see my eyes Harry started to kiss me we made out and it was dark so me and Harry went to my house I dressed up in my pj shorts and pj tank top when I sat next to Harry he started to kiss my my neck I put my hands through his curls he went down and took off my shirt I started to unbutton his shirt then he carried me to my too my room he put me on my bed he took off my shorts *censored* 30 minutes later we were tired and we went to sleep

Harry's pov:
I had an amazing night 30 minutes later we got tired and we went to sleep ..I just thought of that night with her it was so special I could imagine being with. Her forever she is like my princess I think niall found his !:)
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