Fix you

After the death of her mother,father,and her brother, Arizona has nowhere, nobody to turn to for help. After struggling with depression for almost 2 years, She decides to start over and moves to London. Soon she runs into and curly haired boy who shows her around and offers her a place to stay


1. Why me

Arizona P.O.V

How did this happen?! I just sat there balling my eyes out on the bathroom floor , thinking of what to do next. How's this possible, I saw them not even 3 hours ago! The tears kept streaming down my face. I have nobody now. My grandparents died before I was born and my mother and father were both lone children. All I had was my parents and brother, now they're gone. The thought made me scream. Never again will I see the smile of my mom or hear the laugh of my dad, never again will I go to a boring little league baseball game for my brother. I was crying so hard I didn't even realize I had laid down and curled into a ball. I later passed out on the tile floor in a soaking wet t-shirt full of tears.

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