How We Met and Other Secrets

16-year-old Claire was always a nobody, until a world-famous boy band moves into her school, and it turns out that all five perfect boys have feelings for her! Which one does Claire pick, without hurting the others? Can she find true love with One Direction?


7. When Trouble Strikes

Niall's POV: As I walked out the school doors, I scanned for Liam. He was my best friend, and the one I told everything to. I saw him fleetingly out of the corner of my eye but then he disappeared. I headed in that direction, determined to find him.
I heard the thump of his leather messenger bag against his thigh and I knew it was him. I jogged slightly to catch up.
"Hey," I said.
"Hey," he said.
We walked along next to each other in silence before I broke the news.
"I met a girl." I said, bursting with excitement.
"Really?" Liam asked, and I could tell he was happy for me. "What's she like?"
"She's quiet," I explained. "But she's a beautiful girl, and smart too. She doesn't seem fake but I think she's a tad bit shy."
Liam smiled. I knew he wanted to know more.
"She's got long, thick, loosely curly black hair, and blue eyes. Her lips are plump and pink like they're swollen and she has a cute nose..."
Liam stopped suddenly, and looked a little sick. I asked him if he was alright.
"I'm good, but I... I just remembered I forgot something in my car. I think I need to go back." and before I could say anything he had already turned around and hurried back to the school.
I thought his reaction was a little weird, but maybe he was just stunned at my description of Claire. I mean, anyone would be mesmerized by her beauty.
I trudged along, the dirt kicking up, and I studied the swirling patterns the dust made in the hot summer air. I felt a punch on my shoulder. Defensively I swiveled around, ready to punch back.
It was only Claire. She had a slightly indignant look in her eyes and it scared me a little. I put my fists down and returned to walking.
"Hey!" I heard her yell. "What were you doing staring at me today?"
I was shocked. I didn't think she was going to ask!
I stuttered a little bit. I didn't know what to say.

Claire's POV: I wasn't really mad at him. I mean I was at first, but then I saw the look in his eyes when I confronted him about staring at me and I just melted a little bit inside. He looked so lost and confused. I wanted to give him a hug, so I did. I just reached out and gave him a hug. He was warm and had strong shoulders like a guy should, and his muscles hugging me back felt so right. I didn't want to let go, but obviously it would be awkward if I didn't so... I didn't. Because he didn't. We stood there in a cloud of kicked up dirt, hugging. I never wanted to let go.

Niall's POV: I never wanted to let go. She fit right into my arms like a puzzle piece, and I knew this girl was mine.

Zayn's POV: I was hurrying out of school because I needed to get home and finish a huge history project by tomorrow. I almost ran straight by the dirt road that goes right along the school, but I turned my head just right and saw a blob. I stopped and then studied the figure. It actually seemed to be two people. Hugging. One was blonde and one had black hair, tied up in a bun. In the split second that I asked myself who they were, I knew right away. I knew it. I took one last fleeting glance and then silently hurried away. Tears were stinging my eyes and I wanted to kick myself for crying over a girl who I had only met today, a girl who would never love me anyway. I just wanted to get home.
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