How We Met and Other Secrets

16-year-old Claire was always a nobody, until a world-famous boy band moves into her school, and it turns out that all five perfect boys have feelings for her! Which one does Claire pick, without hurting the others? Can she find true love with One Direction?


2. Unsure

I looked up and my eyes immediately locked with clear blues ones. They were so blue and so beautiful just looking in them gave me chills. Before I had any time to say anything, those pink lips parted and said
"Hey," in the most perfect Irish accent I've ever heard.
I had no idea what to say. I gawked for a second, gathered myself, and then finally replied with a meek "Hi,"
"Can I sit here?"
"Um, yeah, I guess so,"
He sat across from me and put his backpack down next to him. I awkwardly returned my attention to my physics binder and tried to act like I had something to do. He was already studying a small, thin book. I peered at the cover. "To Kill a Mockingbird"
As he read, I snuck glances at him. He had blonde hair with rich brown roots growing in the back. His lips were pink and pouty and chapped in the perfect way that a guy's lips should be. His nose was perfectly shaped and his hands looked soft. He licked his lips as he read and I saw that he had white braces.
Suddenly I heard a chime of giggles behind me. I turned around abruptly to see a gaggle of girls pointing at the boy across from me. They squirmed and giggles around each other. They finally noticed me looking at them and stopped. The boy didn't even look up. One of the girls, obviously the leader, finally strutted up, giggling and stroking her hair obnoxiously. Her eyeliner was flawless and her lips freshly glossed. She carefully walked up to the boy and tapped on his shoulder with one pink fingernail. He looked up and smiled.
"Hey, Rachel, I didn't know you were in this study hall," he said.
She only shot a sexy look at him.
"So, uh," he glanced over at me and then turned back to her. "Do you need something?"
"Yeah," Rachel breathed. "Wanna come sit with me and the girls?"
The boy looked at me again and I just looked down. He grabbed his stuff and walked away with Rachel at his shoulder. Obviously that was a yes.
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