How We Met and Other Secrets

16-year-old Claire was always a nobody, until a world-famous boy band moves into her school, and it turns out that all five perfect boys have feelings for her! Which one does Claire pick, without hurting the others? Can she find true love with One Direction?


4. She's Mine

After physics, I walked out carefully so I wouldn't run into anyone again. Thankfully, I didn't. I weaved through the thick crowds and couples making out and finally made it to lunch. I dropped my bag, pulled out my coach wallet and a couple bucks. I left my book open on the table so no one would come sit there, and then walked briskly to the lunch line to buy the crappy food they had.
I stood awkwardly behind groups of friends and cliques, studying my nails and looking around. My eye caught a dark-eyed kid who looked new and interesting. He was nonchalantly looking at his reflection in the dark windows of a classroom across the hallway. His hair was dark and smooth with a dash of blonde in the front of his quiff. He had light but noticable stubble that suited his tan complexion. I suddenly had a strong urge to go talk to him, but I definitely couldn't do that.
But then I remembered that this kid was new, so he didn't know my reputation. In a split second I regained the popular girl charisma I had in middle school, and strode up in 20 seconds of courage.
"Hey," I said cooly, extending my hand. "I'm Claire."
"Hello," he replied in a soft and raspy british accent. I thought I would faint right on the spot from the sound of his voice. "I'm Zayn Malik, a new student."
"Yeah, I figured so, I've never seen you around." I said carefully.
By that time we had reached the front of the line. I watched as he gingerly selected his food and then motioned to me in a mischievious way.
He led me to a secluded area behind a grove of bushes that I had never noticed before.
"I sat back here by myself for the first few days I was new here," he explained. "But now I have you, so you can sit here with me... If you want. "
All of a sudden he lost his strong and silent side and seemed like a shy, lost child. I placed my lunch on a stone wall that stood nearby and sat down in the plush leaves. Zayn joined me.
We sat in silence for a couple moments, but it wasn't awkward. I felt perfectly comfortable with Zayn even though we had known each other for all of 10 minutes. Suddenly I was extremely aware of his steady breathing next to me, the way his arm was pressed up on my bare one. His scent was irresistible, like the true smell of a rugged teenage boy with a hint of cologne.
It hit me. I wasn't prepared for this! I barely knew this guy, and already he was leaning toward me. As his lips hit mine thoughts flashed through my head, what had I eaten last?
He did it softly and it was the perfect kiss. The kind that every girl wishes for. I melded into him but the kiss only lasted for a couple seconds. I stood up abruptly and stumbled awkwardly.
"I'm sorry," I tried to say, but my tongue felt nonexistent. "I... I have to go."
I walked quickly away before he could call me back, but he didn't. I felt his stare on my back as I retreated into the school.
I felt my cheeks burn as I walked into gym with my head down. I expertly unlocked my locker and pulled out my week-old clothes, which I had forgotten to change over the weekend.
I had pulled the shirt over my head when the door burst open and in came a boy dressed in stripes, red jeans, and gray Toms. I surpressed a scream as other girls around me tried to cover what they could. Rachel Wright giggled nonchalantly and remained, uncovered, in her bra and underwear.
The kid ignored her, however. I stood there in my pink underwear feeling as awkward as everyone else. He stood completely serious, and then walked back out as quickly as he came in.
Nobody focused on dodgeball during gym. All they wanted to talk about was the boy in the stripes! How cute he was, how his hair fell over his forehead, and how brave he was to come into the girls' locker room. All I thought was, who the hell was that kid?
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