How We Met and Other Secrets

16-year-old Claire was always a nobody, until a world-famous boy band moves into her school, and it turns out that all five perfect boys have feelings for her! Which one does Claire pick, without hurting the others? Can she find true love with One Direction?


6. Running out of chapter titles

Niall's Thoughts On Claire (TOC) : The second I saw her in study hall I knew I had to sit with her. She looked lonely anyway. Even though there were plenty of empty tables, I wanted to sit with this girl. Even though we didn't talk much I felt the chemistry until stupid Rachel Wright came into the picture. Her looks don't compare to Claire's. Claire is a natural beauty, and I think we're meant to be.
Harry's TOC: In the moment our bodies made contact when I ran into her, I knew I had found THE ONE. Her eyes are full of emotion and her face is flawless in a cute way. I wish I could have talked to her more, and I wish Rachel would stop bothering me... I almost forgot! I need to tell the lads about Claire! They'll all be so happy I met a girl.
Zayn TOC: I don't know why she didn't want me to kiss her. Dammit, I probably did it too soon! I scared her off! She's perfect. She was sweet and kind to me when nobody talked to me, and I think she's my soul mate.
Lou's TOC: Claire's a good kid. We hit it off instantly. We're going to be friends for a long time, I can tell. And I feel like it would be really easy to fall in love with her...
Liam's TOC: Seeing Claire with Louis made me so jealous. If Louis likes her, then that sucks, because I could tell she was into me. I need to do something to win her over.
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