How We Met and Other Secrets

16-year-old Claire was always a nobody, until a world-famous boy band moves into her school, and it turns out that all five perfect boys have feelings for her! Which one does Claire pick, without hurting the others? Can she find true love with One Direction?


1. New Guys

I remember that day not because of what happened, but because I remembered I had a physics test that day. Yeah, I'm one of those girls who put grades before everything else. It's not that I don't have friends. I do, or maybe I should say I used to. They all abandoned me after some scandal last year, I swear it wasn't true. After that, I decided to just focus on grades and nothing else. I'm actually pretty smart. I took AP classes as a freshman, and my GPA is over 4.0. My family is normal, my father doesn't abuse me, and I only fight with my parents like a normal teenage girl would. But here's the thing; nobody likes me. I'm not even joking. I used to be super popular back in middle school, you know? All the girls wanted to be like me, all the guys wanted me, that kind of thing. But then things changed...anyway. Now I'm just that girl you see all the time but you don't talk to because people say she's weird. Every school has one. Well my school has me.
Anyway, that day I remember it was really hot. Hotter than the record high for my tiny town. When I got to school that day in shorts and a tee-shirt, with my hair in a messy bun and just a little makeup on, I was surprised. I thought MY shorts were short? The girls at my school never failed to amuse me. They had on skimpy denim shorts that showed off the curves of their butts and tiny tanks that barely held in their belongings. Still, it worked with the guys. Whatever, I had a physics test to study for. I headed to math, where I easily aced my test. I'm the only Junior in my senior-filled AP Stats class. I didn't think I could get anymore invisible, but in math class I disappeared. After that, I walked to a 20 minute study hall; where no one does homework. Girls take cute pictures of themselves and guys watch. I pick a table and sit alone. I drop my heavy bag and lug out my physics binder and both physics textbooks. Suddenly I'm submerged in numbers, inclined planes, coefficients of kinetic friction, and everything about physics. So submerged that I almost don't feel the tap on my shoulder.
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