This is a collection of love stories. Stories that I heard from other people, some, I've experienced, and others I've imagined.

The first one is about falling in love with your best friend's girl. Not a unique story, it happened before, but we read them anyway. So, this is a story that involves three people who love each other so much that love itself becomes the problem.

The Second story is about a girl who finds the perfect love story through a series of letters. It helped her discover what love is all about, but will it lead her to a place where she will be happy?

The Third is a story that evolved from anger. Two single parents work in the same company find themselves locked in an emotional tug of war. Do you go for the guy whom everybody likes, or settle for someone who everybody hates?


5. What the hell is going on


The moment they came in sight, Joe knew he was in deep shit.  Russell looked like someone had kicked him in the groin and Karen clearly looked like she had been crying.  They fought, maybe the whole night last night.  You idiot! You shouldn’t have gone drinking!  You should’ve…

“Joe!” Karen rushed towards him.  Russell did, too.  What’s going on?

Karen wrapped her arms around him.  “We were so worried!”

“Where were you last night?” Russell asked.

Should I tell him?  What the hell is going on?

“Joe!” It was Vivian, rushing towards them. 

“Viv—“ Then, she had her arms around him, too, and she kissed him.  “Viv?”

“I’m sorry!  I’m so sorry!  I will never do that again!”

“Do what? What is going on?” he said, finally getting the words out of his head. 

“We know, Joe,” said Russell.

“Good!  Maybe you can let me in on it,” he said sardonically. All this weird, emotional thing going on was about to make his head burst.  He needed answers—quick!

“Joe,” Vivian said, turning his face to her.  “I told Karen that we were breaking up.” As she said this, Vivian’s eyes rounded, telling him it was something else—read between the lines. He looked at Karen who was gestured for him to acknowledge Vivian and then looked at Russell. So he doesn’t know. She didn’t tell him, and now she has Vivian acting a part so we can trick him more.  “I told them about what you did last night—drinking because of our fight.”

“Yeah, okay,” he said.  I’ll go with this game, but you girls better explain this. 

“Look, man, you should be more careful,” said Russell. “You and Viv can talk in the apartment later. Right now, we have a bigger issue to face.”

“Yes,” Karen said.  “Last night, when you were out drinking at Charlie’s place, a bunch of guys drugged you.”

“Yeah, Charlie said that they could have been with the illegal human organ trade and were trying to make off with you.  They drugged your drink with something, which could still be in your system,” Russell explained.  “We have to get you to the hospital so we can have your blood and urine tested.”

“I was so scared! I thought I had lost you for good!” Vivian said, annoyingly faking her sobs.  It was working for Russell—she had his back to him—but Joe could see the acting and it was pissing him like crazy!

“Well, we should talk,” he said. 


“Alright,” said Russell, fishing out a parker pen from his breast pocket.  “I’ll sign some paperwork here, and then we’re heading for St Peter’s hospital to get you checked.”

“Come on, Sweetie.”

“Karen, why don’t you and Vivian take Joe outside for some fresh air,” Russell suggested. “I’ll catch up with you.  I just need to sign some documents.”

“Come on, Joe.” Karen took his right arm while Vivian held on his left, and they aided him out of the precinct. As they were walking down the corridor, they met Eric and he had the papers with him.

“Hey, Joe!”

“Hi, Eric.”

“Which one is—?”

“I’m trying to figure that out myself,” Joe answered.

“I’ll explain outside,” Karen said.

“You better, cause your little game is giving me a bigger headache than when I woke up from the drugs and booze earlier!”

Eric nodded.  “So, you guys better head off.  Looks like a long explanation, buddy.”

“I’ll say!” Vivian said.  “It was nice meeting you, Officer Eric!”

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name,” Eric said, grinning like a mad cat as he reached out for her hand.

Vivian took it and shook it with so much enthusiasm Joe thought she was going to break Eric's wrist. “Vivian, Officer.  I’m her best friend.”

“Please, call me Eric." Then he turned to Karen, still wearing that ridiculously happy face.  "So you are?”


Eric looked at Joe, nodding his agreement of his choice for a paramour. Then he pulled out a document from the folders he had in his hand. "You need to fill this out before you leave.”


All of them turned, startled by the sound of Russell's voice.

“Russell!” Eric said. 

“Were you the one who took Joe in?”

Eric and Joe looked at each other, both of them slowly realizing things that neither of them expected.  The good officer had put the pieces of the puzzle together and the picture was not something he wanted to see.  

What a small world this is.  Joe thought Eric was going to tell Russell what he said earlier and he prepared himself for anything that Russell was going to say and do. I deserve it, all of it.

“Yeah!  I was the one who brought your best friend in.”

“How’d you know he was my best friend?” Russell said as he came up.  He placed an arm around Karen. “By the way, this is my—”

“Girlfriend,” Eric said, finishing the sentence for him. “Karen, right?” He gave Karen and Joe this disgusted look.  “Well, here are the papers.  Just sign here and you guys can be off.  Looks like you need to a lot of talking to do.”

Russell signed the papers and then he and Eric shook hands.  Before leaving, Eric gave them all one last look, shook his head at Joe, and then snorted something inaudible.  Joe knew that Eric held off telling Russell to give him a chance to save their friendship.  

“What was that all about?”

“I don’t know, Russ,” Karen said.  “But we need to get Joe out of here.”

“Yeah, okay.”

They hailed a taxi and all four of them headed for the hospital.  Joe decided to keep quiet all throughout the ride.  At the hospital, they took samples of his blood and urine and the doctor advised he drank some Gatorade because he was dehydrated.  Vivian bought him some, like a dutiful girlfriend, she saw to all his needs while Karen and Russell waited at the lobby.  He could tell Vivian wanted to tell him everything, but since he wasn’t talking she never volunteered anything. 

That’s right, you don’t have to explain because I’m pretty sure all of this was Karen’s idea.

Finally, the tests were over and the doctor gave them the good-to-go signal. He was to see him again in three days time for the results of the lab work.  Meanwhile, he had some testing of his own to do and was itching to get on with the interrogation.

“Honey, why don’t you head on home, I’ll help Viv take Joe back to his studio.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah!  Don’t worry, he’s sober now,” Karen said, laughing a bit.

Russell, looked at his watch, and then turned to Karen, giving her a peck on the forehead.  “Don’t be out so late.” 

“I won’t,” Karen said, pulling him closer. Then they kissed. 

“See you later, Joe,” Russell said.  “From now on, if you’ll be drinking again, you better call me.”

“Thanks, man!”

“I got to go!” He kissed Karen again and then hailed a taxi.

As soon as Russell's Taxi turned the curb, Joe exploded.   “What the HELL is going on?”

“Let’s go to your studio,” Karen said.

“NO!  I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what is going on!”

Karen sighed.  “You were at Charlie’s last night, drinking.”

“Yes! I know that part.  What is this?” he said, pointing to Vivian. “Why did you kiss me?”

“Oh, you liked it!” Vivian said.

He wasn’t in the mood for jokes. “Why the hell did you kiss me, Viv?”

“Alright, Joe, I asked her to pretend to be dating you,” Karen said. 


“So I can see you!  Look—we agreed to talk last night, to end things.  You wanted us to stop—you said it was going to hurt your best friend.”

“Yeah, so you decided to trick him further by giving me your best friend?”

“Wait a minute! She didn’t give me, Mr. Vitelli!  She asked me to pretend!  There’s a difference. This—us—we’re just for show.  It’s still you.” She pointed at him and Karen.

“So, you came up with this story of me and Vivian, so you can continue seeing me behind Russell’s back?”


Joe couldn’t bear it anymore.  All the secrets and lies were pushing him to his breaking point.  “I don’t know, Karen.  Maybe this isn’t the right thing to do.”

“What do you suggest we do?”

It was going to be a major decision, but they had to decide eventually.  Joe didn’t want Karen to choose between him and Russell.  It was going to hurt both of them, no matter what her answer was.  He loved Russell like a brother and the last thing Joe wanted was to hurt him. 

“Karen, I love you.” The words choked him and soon his eyes blurred.  “I don’t think I have ever fallen in love, so I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do with this.”

“Then don’t do anything,” Karen said, walking up to him.

“Karen—” Vivian pulled her away.  “Joe, you know this isn’t right.  I’m sorry, but the only reason I agreed to be your accomplice was because I hoped you both would do the right thing.”

“Do you want us to end this… now?”

Joe looked at her tear-drenched face, deciding what to do with the next chapter of his life—a life without Karen.  It was the right thing to do, and he had to do it.  “I wish it never started.”  His feet began to walk, pulling him away from the girls.  “I love you, Karen.  I will always feel this way for you.”

“Joe!” Karen followed him, leaving Vivian behind. “Joe, wait! Stop!”

“I’m sorry I ever got between you and Russell,” he said, as everything faded into one blurry mess before him. Then Karen was there, right in front of him, holding his face.  “Don’t—“

“Please!  Not like this!”

He wanted to kiss her—damn everything and everyone, and just kiss her.  He nearly lost control with her face so close to his, both of them crying.  It was painful and the hurt, he knew, would go deeper unless he said no to her.

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