This is a collection of love stories. Stories that I heard from other people, some, I've experienced, and others I've imagined.

The first one is about falling in love with your best friend's girl. Not a unique story, it happened before, but we read them anyway. So, this is a story that involves three people who love each other so much that love itself becomes the problem.

The Second story is about a girl who finds the perfect love story through a series of letters. It helped her discover what love is all about, but will it lead her to a place where she will be happy?

The Third is a story that evolved from anger. Two single parents work in the same company find themselves locked in an emotional tug of war. Do you go for the guy whom everybody likes, or settle for someone who everybody hates?






Eric was the kind of father who showed affection for his children by buying things he felt they needed, but never bothered to ask if they wanted. Like last Christmas, he bought his son Luke a pair of rollerblades, but what he really wanted was the new Nike Air that the cool kids in school were wearing.  Then, his daughter Mary asked for a cell phone and he bought her a cute, pink, hello kitty phone from Sony when she wanted a plain Nokia.  She wasn’t quite into the cute, pink stuff that Hello Kitty items were known for.  She never used it and instead settled for his old Motorola RAZR, telling him the Sony phone was too ‘fancy’.

Eric had been a single dad for nearly ten years now.  His wife died of cancer when Luke was only two years old and Mary, six.  He only started dating again when Mary started Junior High, but never got the hang of it.  His priority would always be his kids and the women he dated couldn’t appreciate that.  Well, some of them pretended to show concern for him and his children, but, and just when things got really cozy, they’d show their true feelings about them and suggest stuff like sending them away because they might get jealous if there was a new baby in the house, etc., etc..

Somehow, and this was not his plan, he always ended alone and searching again.  Then Mary turned 16 and his world began to change.  Suddenly, she was dressing up like the girls he arrested the night before, and he caught her smelling like cigarettes in more than one occasion. He’d ground her for weeks and she’d show some improvement, but when she was set free everything went back to the way they were. The calls from the guidance councilor at her school had become frequent.  She was a straight A student who decided she wanted to be like all the other girls in her school.  Now, Eric was on patrol 24/7; he had to make sure Mary wouldn’t end up pregnant, in one of his cells, or worse, in the city morgue.

“I’m home!” He wasn’t really expecting an answer since no ever answered him for the last five years, so it was habit that made him announce his arrival every day. “Mary! Luke!”  He heard feet running up stairs; Luke, most likely.  “What do you guys want for dinner?”

As he went into the kitchen, he found the table laden with take out food and wondered where it all came from. “What’s this on the table?”  No answer.  “Mary!”

“What?” she replied, coming in from the backdoor.

“What the heck were you doing back there?”

“Nothing,” she said, removing the earplugs and slinging them around her neck.  “Just hanging out.”

“With whom?”

“No one.”

He went out and checked anyway.  There was no one out there.  She was alone. He went back in and found the two helping themselves to the food, ignoring him. He took off his jacket and decided to join them.

Half way through his second slice of pizza, he decided to ask where this food came from to which Mary answered, “You’re joking, right?”

“No,” Eric said, dropping the half eaten pizza slice on the plate. “So, you’re saying you didn’t buy this?”

“Buy? How can I buy all of this with the allowance I get, Dad?”

“Well, I didn’t buy this either.”

“So who did?”

Just then, they both realized how quiet Luke had been through this discussion.  He normally butted in with a stupid (but witty) remark that irked them both. Surprisingly, he remained calm and contented with the plate filled with buffalo wings, fries, and pizza right in front of him, which he was devouring systematically.

“Luke,” Eric said shortly.  “Did you buy this food?”

Luke shook his head.


“I didn’t!” He shoved the pizza into his mouth and glared at his sister for yelling at him. 

Eric knew something was up, but he was too tired to get angry.  “Fine,” he said, “be that way.  I just hope this isn’t something stolen.”  Mary started coughing on the chicken wing she put in her mouth.  “You okay, sweetie?” She was choking really hard and started to turn purple.  Eric got her a glass of water, which she took immediately and drank.  When she could finally breathe, she looked at Eric and then at Luke, who looked like he was trying his best to ignore everyone else.

They both stopped eating and looked at him, waiting for him to tell the truth. He finished his plate and then looked up at them both.  Smirking, he pulled out two hundred dollar bills from the pocket of his pants and laid them on the table.

“That’s all that’s left.”

“Damn it!” Eric exploded. “Luke!”


“I’m getting out of here.”

“No! You sit down, young lady. Sit down!” Eric started huffing. “Now, I don’t know if you guys are doing this for some ulterior reason, but this has got to stop!”

“What’s ulterior reason mean?”

“It means hidden.”


“Shut up!”

“Dad,” Mary said, “he’s the one that did the bad thing.”

“Yeah? Where the hell were you?  What did you do to stop him from doing the bad thing?

“She and Eileen were smoking outside,” Luke answered.

“Shut up, butthead!”

“You shut up, Skanky pants!”

Eric slammed his hand on the table.  Both Mary and Luke jerked at the loud bang their father’s hand made.  He never got this angry before, and it frigthened them to think of what he was capable of doing when he’s this mad.

“I think I’ve been too lenient with you two. I think, I trusted you guys to do the right thing.  After I grounded you for shoplifting candies from Tony’s shop, I thought you would have changed.”

“He did,” Mary said, “he’s stealing money, now.”

“And YOU said you’ll stop smoking, Mary,” Eric snapped.  “I told you to stop hanging out with Eileen, she’s a bad influence!”

“I have no other friends, Dad!”

“I didn’t steal the money.” Luke’s voice cracked.  “I found the wallet on the sidewalk.”

“Oh, and you didn’t think to return it to it’s rightful owner, is that it, Luke?”

“No, Dad, it had no ID in it,” he answered.  “I didn’t know who it belonged to.”

“Didn’t I teach you to surrender something like that to the police? You could have given that wallet to me, and we could have placed an ad about it on the paper. What if that money belonged to someone who needed it for medicine?”

“I didn’t think—”

“No, of course you didn’t, Luke, because if you did, you would have waited for me before you spent the money that wasn’t yours.”

“I only took two hundred bucks!”

Eric assessed the food on the table.  “What’d you do with the rest of the money?”

“I bought… stuff.”

“Stuff? Like what stuff?”

“He got toys, Dad,” Mary said, sighing.  “Can I go to my room, now?”

Eric felt like his head was about to burst.  This was a loosing game.  He could see that he had no power over his children anymore.  He could yell at them all day long and it won’t make a difference.  He could ground them till they’re 18, and it won’t make a difference.  He needed help.

Then, he realized it was the semestral break and he hadn’t used any of his vacation time at work.  He could take the kids to his parent’s house for a vacation.  Two weeks with his mother and father should do wonders for his family.

“Alright,” he said, “start packing. We leave tomorrow.”



“Where are we going, Dad?”

“We are going to visit your grandmother and grandfather, Miss Mary.”

“But I have plans!”

“No buts, young lady!  Go upstairs and pack your bags.  Help your brother pack his, too. Go!”

The two left, looking half excited and half disappointed about this sudden vacation they were taking.  Eric called work and asked for an emergency leave for two weeks, which the Chief was happy to give.  All was settled so neatly that he knew there was some kind of divine intervention going on, helping him become a better father to his two children.

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