This is a collection of love stories. Stories that I heard from other people, some, I've experienced, and others I've imagined.

The first one is about falling in love with your best friend's girl. Not a unique story, it happened before, but we read them anyway. So, this is a story that involves three people who love each other so much that love itself becomes the problem.

The Second story is about a girl who finds the perfect love story through a series of letters. It helped her discover what love is all about, but will it lead her to a place where she will be happy?

The Third is a story that evolved from anger. Two single parents work in the same company find themselves locked in an emotional tug of war. Do you go for the guy whom everybody likes, or settle for someone who everybody hates?


2. Karen Karen Karen


Karen had been up all night trying to imagine life without Russell.  They’d been going out since College and everything was going well until they bumped into his best friend in high school.  Suddenly, she found herself wondering if she was really in love with Russell, which was stupid because they had lasted this long. 

“Karen, maybe you should just tell him.”

“Viv, as much as I want to, I don’t think I can.”

Vivian adjusted the collar of her crimson, chiffon blouse.  “Have you thought about Russell? What this would do to him?”


“Look,” Vivian said, placing a hand on Karen’s thigh. “He will find out eventually and then what would you do?  No—don’t!  Look, you’re my best friend, okay? And I know this sounds shitty, but you have to come clean.  You can’t have both guys.  You have to choose—who do you want to share the next chapter of your life with?”

She was right.  Karen knew she was right.  Wanting them both was wrong, but she he wasn’t sure of her own feelings anymore.  Before Joe came into her life, into their lives, she was certain of how it was going to go: she and Russell would marry, have plenty of kids, and grow old together.  She was hoping that Joe would do something to turn her off, but it never happened.  Then she hoped Russell would get confrontational again, like when they decided to live in together, they fought all the time because suddenly she was sharing everything, which was great except it wasn’t.  Then, Russell changed and so did she.  Instead of trying to change each other, they changed themselves, and everything was good.

Then came Joe—Russell was so happy they hadn’t had one disagreement.  Russell turned into the person Karen wanted him to be, and it was all thanks to Joe—he brought the best out of Russell. 

Then that kiss; it was accidental.  Joe was looking for Russell and she invited him in.  They had a long talk and, before she could stop herself, she leaned and they kissed.  That kiss woke something in her and she wanted to have more.  It seemed Joe wanted the same thing, and they began to meet secretly. Their occasional tryst became frequent.  Now, it’s a habit, and a bad one.  If Russell found out… she couldn’t imagine what would happen.  He’d hate Joe forever.  Was she going to be the wedge between them?

Karen sighed.  It wasn’t worth the heartache.  “You know what,” she said shortly. “You’re right.  I’m going to stop this madness with Joe.  I’m gonna tell him… today.  I can’t hurt Russell.  Not like that.”

“Okay,” Vivian said, nodding triumphantly.  “Don’t worry I’ll help you.”

Karen nodded.  “Yes.  Please.”

“Joe will get over it.”

“Yes.  He will, won’t he?”

“Oh!  Joe is the type of guy who gets over these things so quickly, it’s like changing clothes!” 

They laughed.  Deep inside, though, it hurt Karen a little to know that he’d get over her so easily.  She wanted to think that he’d have a hard time, maybe a little suicidal.

“I hope he does get over it quickly. I mean, I don’t think he’s in love with me.  I think, I’m just another trophy for him.”  

“What time are you guys supposed to meet?”


“Well, you have a lot of time left.  You have plans today?”

“Not really. What do you want to do?”

“Aren’t you meeting Russell today?”

“No.  He’s gone to meet a work colleague of his.  I think it has something to do with that case he’s been working on.”

“What case?”

“Oh, this guy on death row,” Karen said. “Last month, a man who claimed to be his brother suddenly appeared and asked for an appeal.”

“How sad.”

“I know! I mean, he’s been gone for like ten years, and he shows up, realizes his kid brother’s done things, is now on death row, and he’s trying to delay it to spend time with him.”

“That is so tragic.”

“Well, anyway, he’s busy up until next week.”

“Good, that gives you time to rectify things with Joe, before he comes home.”


“You want to do some shopping first?” 

Karen smiled.  This was Vivian’s solution to everything: retail therapy.  “Sure.”

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