This is a collection of love stories. Stories that I heard from other people, some, I've experienced, and others I've imagined.

The first one is about falling in love with your best friend's girl. Not a unique story, it happened before, but we read them anyway. So, this is a story that involves three people who love each other so much that love itself becomes the problem.

The Second story is about a girl who finds the perfect love story through a series of letters. It helped her discover what love is all about, but will it lead her to a place where she will be happy?

The Third is a story that evolved from anger. Two single parents work in the same company find themselves locked in an emotional tug of war. Do you go for the guy whom everybody likes, or settle for someone who everybody hates?


1. Hey, Joe, what do you know?


Joe clicked the coffee maker on and it started making a wurring sound.  He turned it off again, looking for the source of the noise.  He checked and everything was in the right place: the lid was tight, the filter was new, and the water was at the right level.  He tried it again and, as soon as he flicked the switch, the wurring sound came back.  He turned it off and unplugged the thing.  He took his jacket from the hook behind the door and left the apartment. 

Might as well go downstairs for coffee’, he thought.  Then again, he remembered Karen was going to be there and so would Russell.  ‘One look in—if either of them are there—’

He went down and looked in; the café was not so full, just a handful of people.  He wanted to go inside, but decided to walk the other way.  He crossed the street and saw the Starbucks at the corner.  There were three lines of customers waiting to order.  Joe decided to walk further.  He was looking for a coffee house, but as he got to the corner between fifth and Cooper St., he turned left.  Jerry’s was open. It was a Saturday. What the hell..

“Hey! Look what the cat dragged in!”

“Hey, Charlie!”

“Hey, Joe! What brings you here this early?”

He sat on the bar stool near the phone.  “Just need a little time out, I guess.” Charlie poured him a tall glass of lager.  “Thanks, Charlie.”

“That one’s on the house,” Charlie said, putting a bowl of pistachios beside his glass.  “Next one will also be on the house… if you tell me what the hell you’re doing here this early.”

Joe took a long gulp of his lager.  His face turned slightly pink as he held his breath for a few seconds.  He took another sigh before looking up at the bartender who waited on him. 

"This is good."


It took a while before he could get the words out.  “I want her, Charlie.”

“I knew it!” Charlie threw a towel at the counter. It wasn't the reaction he expected, not from Charlie. “What the hell?  Joe—you have to get over her.  She’s Russell’s girl!”

“I know that.” He took another swig of the beer then placed the empty glass down, pushing it towards Charlie.  Charlie looked at him, shaking his head.  Joe pulled out a fifty.  “Tell you what—“ He put the fifty in Charlie’s hand and closed it.  “I’m buying.”


“Drink with me, man.”

Charlie started to walk away. “I’ve got customers to tend to.”  

The bar was still empty.  Charlie was frustrated with him, he knew, but he couldn't change the way he feels even if he wanted to.  “Please, man! Come on.  You're all I got right now.”

Charlie looked at him for a while, trying to consider whether or not to indulge him.  “Joe, there are thousands of women in this city alone.  All of them are easy prey, especially for you.”

“But isn’t that the problem to begin with?” Joe felt his face itch and wiped it with his hand.  Only then did he realize he had been crying.  “Charlie, I love her.”

Before walking back to his side of the bar, Charlie had decided to lay the ground rules for that drinking session first. “Alright.  I’ll keep it coming and keep you company,” Charlie said, pouring him another tall glass of lager.  


“But, you have to promise me, when I say enough—”

Joe nodded, and took several pieces of nuts from the bowl.  It took a minute to open each one that Charlie decided to give him a bowl of peanuts instead.


Joe cocked him a smile.  Charlie turned the TV on and went about his business.  It was very early for customers; other than Joe, there was no one in the bar.  There’ll be no one till four o’clock when the regulars start coming in. Joe wondered if he’d last till then.

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