What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


23. The Rescue and Casual Day

Avril's P.O.V -

I was in a rush, a very quick rush. Probably too quick for even my mind to figure out what was going on. I had quickly met up with Simon in just 5 minutes and got a total of 15 police guards, but I think I heard Simon mention something about FBI. I'm not sure, and I honestly didn't care.

I knew where my mum would be. I knew her moves to well. I looked around for the closest abandoned place and I saw it. I rushed there and peaked inside to see if it was the right place. No. They weren't there. I groaned. There were actually alot of abandoned places in Italy. 

I turned around and looked at the 15 police men and my body guard. " Alright, there's many abandoned places in Italy. I want 3 groups of 5, and I want you guys to spread out and search every abandon place you spot, got it? Go. " And just like that, they were separated into 5 groups instantly and off searching.

I chuckle slightly, feeling nice to be in charge of Police. What an awesome feeling. I shook my head of those thoughts, since it really wasn't the time. I look around, along with my bodyguard. " Ms. Lea, how about that one over there? " He points over to an abandoned haunted house, and I bit my lip.

I wasn't a fan of scary things, but maybe that's just where my mum would be. I nod and go over to check it out. It took such a long time just to get there, it was across a busy street, and took almost 20 minutes for each red light to appear. It was a pain. Once I finally got there, I peered inside and saw a glimpse of... Liam? Oh crud, they were in there. 

But where was my mum? I tried looking around more and I soon was able to see Zayn panicking. He was afraid of the dark, yes, but it wasn't dark in there. So what was he afraid o- I then noticed my mum walking over to him slowly with scissors. Oh come on seriously mum? His hair? That's so low. I sighed and quickly brought up my walkie talkie and called for all the police officers to come back to where I was.

With in no time wasted, the police men were here. How the hell did they not take like 20 minutes like I did? whatever. I looked over to my mum and saw her about to cut Zayn's hair, and Zayn was already crying. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh. I looked over to one of the officers and whispered to him to shoot the scissors out of her hand. He was a snipper, so it should be fine.

The police officer nods and takes out the gun. He aims carefully, and soon, you hear the blast. I winced and covered my ears, due to it being incredibly loud. After that blast, you immediately here a loud clang and clicking, as if something metal dropped to the ground. Good, he got the scissors. I pulled him back quickly, hiding us so she didn't notice what direction it came from.

I peered through a little hole and watched her look frightened slightly. " Whose there?! " I rolled my eyes. Gosh mum, stop trying to act like you aren't scared. Just as we were about to burst in, The ceiling was broken down, and FBI men came through. My eyes widen.

I guess that's what Simon was talking about. I sighed and walked in, trying not to get noticed as I ordered the police to arrest my mum. I hid in the shadows as everyone looked around confused. " What? How did the police know we were hear? " Liam said, very confused along with the others.

" Well- " I glanced over to the police officer and he caught what I wanted. " Erm, Simon was trying to get to you guys, and he didn't find you in any of your flats. So he called a search team. " I sighed in relief quietly and watched as they were all being freed from the chairs. I laugh quietly as Zayn quickly made sure his hair was okay.

Unfortunately, some of my laugh came through any way, and they heard it. " who was that? " They looked over to Mina and she shook her head. I bit my lip, and hid more in the darkness, hoping they wouldn't see me. Slowly, I tried to walk out of the building, still trying to be unseen. Just as I was about to get out, I felt arms wrap around my waist, and a sudden force of body heat. 

I tensed massively. I haven't been hugged in a tremendous while. " A-A-Avril... I-Is that you? " Spoke a familiar Irish accent. My breath hitched. I didn't plan on coming back so early. I said about 1 or 2 months, and it hasn't even been a month yet. I remained quiet, until I heard quick footsteps, alot of them. As if they were running.

Soon we were both tackled into group hugs. " LOUNAI " Louis shouted, hugging me the tightest. I bit my lip to hold back a smile. " Hi Louis. "Everyone hugged me even tighter. I tried to breath for air, but I couldn't. " Guys... Can't... Breath..." They all pulled away, and I looked down at the ground as questions were immediately asked. 

I sighed, causing everyone to become quiet. " I'll tell you guys when we get back to the flats, okay? " They all sighed and nodded. I glanced over to Niall, and realized he still looked the same way he looked on interviews. Sad, Depressed, and Heart broken. I bit my lip, being very guilty.

As everyone started leaving the building, only me and Niall were left. I started to feel tears sting my eyes. I couldn't hold back any longer. I haven't been with him for two weeks. I hugged him tightly, as he jumped in shock a bit. I sobbed into his shoulder slightly. " I-I'm really really sorry Niall.. I-I didn't mean to cause you to be in so much pain... I-I just wanted to deal with everything myself.. "

He was quiet for a while, then he hugged me back just as tightly. " It's okay.. Just please tell me what's wrong next time. " My ears ringed as I finally was able to hear his beautiful voice once again. I missed this boy so much. I was just about to kiss him, until my shirt collar was pulled, and I was pulled away from him. I pouted, and looked to face Liam. 

" You guys can snog when we get back to his flat! " I blush and pout still. Niall chuckles and takes my hand, intertwining our fingers. I smile as we start walking over to Paul, who smiles widely when he sees me. " Well isn't it Avril. It's nice to have you back. Strange. I knew you were here. " 

Everyone, including me, looked at him a little shocked. " How did possibly know I was here? " He chuckles. " Well, after the incident, I went over to Niall's flat to see if you guys were there already, and I saw all your stuff just waiting outside his door. You know it could have been taken right? " 

He pointed casually to the trunk, indicating that my stuff was in there. I scratched the back of my head sheepishly. " Yeah, sorry, it's just after Mina's text I was sort of in a rus- " I was cut off by Harry.  "Wait, you were texting Avril this whole time Mina? " She bit her lip and shrugged a bit. " She wanted me to keep it a secret. " They all sighed. " Alright, let's move on from this until we get to the flat. "

They all nod and get into the car. Well, I guess you can say this went better than I thought.

1 Hour Later -

I had just finished explaining what had happened and everything and anything that had to do with my disappearance. Everyone was listening carefully, which is sort of surprising. After a minute of them having my story processed in their heads, they just smile and give me another group hug, which luckily wasn't too tight so I was able to breath.

After a bit more talking, everyone practically went back to what they usually did, including Zayn rushing to the bathroom to make sure his hair was fine for the 20th time for the hour. I chuckle as I heard the door slam. I then felt someone's hand hold mine. I smile, already knowing whose it was and stood. I knew what he would want. 

We walked to our room and I lied on the bed. " I still don't really see why you couldn't tell us why you left... Or why you didn't respond to any of our messages. " I sighed and looked at him, sitting up, as he sat infront of me. " I told you. I didn't want you guys involved. It was my problem, and I wanted to fix it myself. " 

He sighs and nods. " Alright. So where's Lianna and Jake now? " I paused a little. I really hope they made it safely to Harry's mum and dad. " Wait one second. " I took out my cell phone and dialed the number of the cell that I gave to them. One ring, two ring. Answered. " Hello? Avril? " I sighed in relief.

" Jake? Hey, you guys doing okay? Did you make it to Harry's parent's place yet? " I heard shuffling a bit. " Technically. Harry's mum picked us up. Did she know that we were coming? " I heard Harry's mum laugh slightly, and I laughed too. I felt arms wrap around my waist, and I felt myself be lifted and placed on Niall's lap. I smiled and went back to talk to Harry's Mum. 

" Yes, she knew. I had called her after I bought the ticket to make sure it was fine with her. " I heard in the background Harry's mum saying Hi. I chuckled. " Hi Mrs. Styles. Well anyway, I have to get going, stay safe and behave for me okay? That goes for Lianna too. " There was a small pause, as if he were nodding.

" Yeah, we'll behave. And Lianna's going to behave too. But she's asleep right now. " I nodded and said good bye again before hanging up. " So they're with his mum now? " I nodded. There was a small silence, until Niall broke up. " Erm... I've been waiting for more than just about 2 weeks.... " I laughed slightly, knowing what he's wanted.

I turned and straddled his waist just so it was more comfortable. With that, I pressed my lips to his. Niall kissed back instantly, and hungrily. I missed his kisses. With no time wasted at all, we already had started to snog, and it was becoming a very heated snog too. 

After what felt like 30 minutes of snogging that really was 10 minutes, I pulled away, remembering what I had seen on the news. I was panting due to lack of air, and so was Niall. " Niall, I remembered something. Why were rumors going around saying you and Demi were together now? "

He sighed. " The boys thought they could cheer me up from your disappearance by inviting Demi over, but it didn't really do anything. I took one picture with her for paparazzi, but that's it really. " I nodded. " And how about Liam and Dan- " He covers my mouth. " Shh... Everyone had vowed not to speak about that... Ever.. At least until he's ready to speak about it himself. " He whispered.

I nod and nibbled his hand a bit. He chuckles and pulls his hand away. " Someone's hungry. " I smile. " Can't blame me. Never ate breakfast. Wanna order Nandos? " His face lightened up. " You know it. You know me so well. " He kisses my cheek, that started a line down from my jaw line, to my neck. I bit my lip to hold back a moan.

" Better watch it with the hickies Horan. " He chuckles and licks my neck before pulling away. " Alright, Lea. " I chuckle and roll my eyes before I take out his cell from his back pocket and handed it to him. " Just order the food already. " He laughs and gets straight to ordering. This was so nice now. 

Everything was back to normal.

At least for now.


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