What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


3. That...Is adorable

Niall's P.O.V -

Once I had felt the vibration in the ground, the knots in my stomach came back all over again, but 10x worse. The crowd I was just in was a small one, but with the strong vibration on the ground for this one, I'm afraid this one is 500x worse. I was tensing drastically, and bitting my lip hard. I looked over at Avril, who looked very worried. Before anyone can ever do anything, the fans surrounded us. I started to hyperventilate slightly. Like I said; I am NOT good with crowds. I looked around panicky, when I suddenly felt someone grab my arm. Out of panic, I pulled away quickly, Until I felt two hands grab me. I panicked more, trying to pull away, until I was pulled out of the crowd. I felt arms around me, but I had my eyes closed, trying to calm down.

I heard the crowd of girls shrieking, and I felt virbration again. More knots were added into my stomach, until I felt the vibrations and shrieking start to dim. Instead, I started to hear panting. I opened my eyes slowly to see Avril infront of me panting her lungs out. " God those girls can run. "

She said, looking a little annoyed. I was extremely shocked for about 3 reasons. 1. She was able to carry me. 2. She was able to outrun the fangirls. and 3..... Well I guess there was only 2. I was looking at her shocked still. She finishes gaining her energy and looks at me. " What? " She asks, confused. " You... You just carried me! And outran those fangirls! How are you able to do that?! " I shouted, extremely shocked.

She shrugs casually. " I work out from time to time. I eat a lot , and all that food wont go away itself." She said, playing with her hair. I starred at her. She was goregous, strong, and quick? Man, this girl is perfect. She looked away uncomfortably. " Can you please stop looking at me like that? I feel like I did something weird, and I'm not used to people starring at me... " She said, a little nervous. Not used to being starred at ?

" How is that possible..." I mumbled. Unfortunately, she heard me and looked at me. " What do you mean by that? " She said, looking quite amused. " Well, you're very fit, and strong.. and quick... I don't see how you wouldn't be used to being starred at... plus... you're extremely beautiful..." I said, extremely lowering my voice at the last part to the point she didn't hear me.

I guess I really suck at lowering my voice, or she has ultra good hearing because she was able to hear me. She smiles. Blushing deeply, but smiles. " Th-Thanks. " She said, looking really flattered. I blush, half from being shy, and half for the fact that she heard me. " Wow... Talk about ultra hearing.. " I muttered. She chuckles and nods.

" I actually do have an incredible hearing. Sometimes the doctors think I'm not from this world. " she says, giggling lightly. I smile as she looks at me. " So it's either you're claustrophobic, or you just don't like crowds. " She asks curiously. I sighed and looked outside, noticing we were inside a near by cave.

" I'm claustrophobic . " I said shyly.

I see her smile slightly and hug me. I blush slightly and hug back. " Honestly, That's adorable. " She says, smiling. I look at her a bit amused. " How? " I said, obviously slightly surprised. " I don't know really.. It just seems a bit adorable that you're claustrophobic. I don't really know anyone who is. " She says, blushing faintly. Shes adorable too.... I was about to say something, when I suddenly hear someone speak instead.

" Hey mate, glad to see you're okay. "

Damn. They had to just burst in now?

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